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This was the first Commercial WAM video for sale in the world!
Certificated by British Board of Film Classification on 30th January 1989

It was 18th August 1985 that filming commenced.
This was at a farm near Glastonbury in Somerset.
We see the farmer’s wife as the Policewoman.
The hopeful starlet was Margie (who emigrated to Canada not long after the Movie was completed).
And we see a very young Professor Treacle taking the parts of husband, film producer, film director and film announcer.
Indoor scenes were filmed in the farmhouse kitchen and at Chester and Liverpool.

Margie (the hopeful starlet) enters the kitchen where her husband sits drinking beer and reading a newspaper.
Margie is excited as she was going to try and get a part in a Slapstick film being made by her husband’s brother Mr. Roper, the film producer.
The husband could not care less and only wants her back in time to make his dinner.

Next we are in Mr. Roper’s office.
His secretary Suzanne comes in (see her in set S037 with Professor Treacle – 163 Slapstick images on our website).
Suzanne sits on Mr. Roper’s knee to take dictation.
Mr. Roper starts to recount ‘The Chase’.

The scene switches to outside where we see Debbie and Wendy tempted after finding a car with the keys in the lock.
They are spotted by our Policewoman.
A chase over the fields develops before the PC tackles Wendy in a mud pit.
A messy fight follows.
Debbie joins in before both girls decide to strip the policewoman with the logic that no-one will recognize her.
Eventually all 3 girls are stripped down to just knickers and stockings with some impressive muddy boobs on show.

We switch back to Mr. Roper ending his dictation on ‘The Chase’.
Margie enters looking for a part in the Movie.
Mr. Roper sends her to his brother who is the director to see if he can find her a part.

Finally, we have the Director (yes, you’ve guessed it, the Prof) telling us about WSM.
Margie enters and badgers him to give her a part.

MAJOR ASPECT – mud (The Chase) running 9 mins 37secs
The script for this 1st movie was written by Mike Ellison and Professor Treacle.

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