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This was the first Commercial WAM video for sale in the world!

The 4th Download is almost entirely devoted to the Custard Pie demonstration.

We open with the Hopeful Starlet, Margie, in her undies on the couch with the Announcer. As he says the Video is ending, Margie marches off indignantly!

Next, we are in the Film Producer’s office as Margie verbally accosts her husband’s brother that she has been taken advantage of, yet ended up without a part in the film.

The Producer tries to put her down saying she has no experience.
To which Margie replies in that classic line ‘What’s so difficult in throwing a few custard pies around?’
Mr. Roper is taken aback by her determination and gives in promising her a ‘practice session’.

A very reluctant secretary (Suzanne) is promised a good bonus before becoming the stooge in what is Professor Treacle’s 1st masterclass ‘The Custard Pie Demo!’
With 13 large custard pies, 30 tins and 4 cartons of Custard, we are all in for a treat, except for Suzanne!
Starting with the classic ‘Pie in the Face shot’ this was stunning action being the first sustained Slapstick set with live sound.
So the hapless Suzanne takes the custard in her face and hair, bra and boobs, bum, stockings and knickers.
Of course Margie wants the custard on her, but the Producer keeps putting her off.

Suzanne is coated with Custard before having raspberry slosh rubbed on her.
The Producer has some consoling words for Suzanne before leaving to discuss Margie’s part in the next movie.

MAJOR ASPECT – Slapstick as Suzanne gets the Custard treatment from the Prof. aided by an enthusiastic Margie 10 mins 31 secs

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