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Following closely behind Vintage Film 1, this Video was Certificated by British Board of Film Classification on 25th October 1989

There are 3 scenes:
1. Opens with fully clothed girl swimming in an indoor pool, but we do not discover who she is.

2. Next up is a sketch ‘Ye Monks of St. Custard’ which runs 1 min 34 secs.
Shot in Tenby, South Wales, this features Melanie in her naughty nurses outfit.
Melanie is put in the stocks, has black gunge poured over her head, then bystanders throw foodstuffs and she is sprayed with cream.
Melanie’s feet are squished into her creamy shoes followed by custard over the head.
In an act of bravado Melanie bares her boobs and invites bystanders to ‘Sock it to Me!’

3. We then have an outdoor mud wrestling contest appropriately titled ‘Ooze the Winner’. This was shot on a farm in Somerset.
Professor Treacle introduces the two contestants, Ravishing Ruth in orange strapless dress and Crazy Carol dressed all in white.
It is no surprise that Carol is the first to end up on her back in the mud!
There are plenty of splats and gloopy mud sounds.
One of Ruth’s boobs is exposed before the end of round 1.
The Prof interviews a very muddy Carol between the rounds.
The 2nd round starts with Carol taking Ruth down and rubbing her hair in the mud.
In a very slurpy contest Ruth fights on with one boob still exposed.
Carol gets Ruth down again and forces her head into the mud.
Then Ruth exacts her revenge giving Carol a mud shampoo!
Finally, Carol is wrestled down and her boobs exposed as Ruth forces her into the first submission.
In round 3, dresses are pulled off so the girls are down to their knickers, suspenders and stockings.
Carol is given a serious mudbath treatment (and loves it!).
Stockings and suspenders are ripped away.
This is a very good bout and very muddy final round as both girls struggle to dominate.
Eventually Ruth gets the better of Carol.
The contest ends with two mud caked girls and the winner is declared.
Both girls are then interviewed and are muddy delights for your eyes!
So we have two sexy girls, in entirely inappropriate outfits, who slug it out in a large natural mud pit, in a mud wrestling contest with two further bouts yet to come.

MAJOR ASPECT – Mud Wrestling contest between Carol and Ruth running 13mins 10 secs

The script for this 2nd movie was written by Mike Ellison and Professor Treacle.

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