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There are 2 scenes:
1. Continuing ‘Ye Monks of St. Custard’ we have Debbie in a satin style dress led to the stocks. This scene runs 1 minute 40 seconds.
Custard is poured over her head and face. Then custard and cream pies are thrown at her.
Eggs are poured over Debbie’s head.
Rice pudding is thrown in her cleavage, then those wonderful boobs are released!
Debbie laughs and says ‘Ooh – this is punishment? (yes, she loves it really!)
Cream is poured and topping syrup squirted over her boobs.

2. Picnic Hampered
Lorraine meets Mary and shows her a Splosh magazine. (see
They decide to take Mary’s boyfriend on a picnic.
In the next scene it is no surprise to see him (hello Professor Treacle!) loading the car, in the rain, with foodstuffs.
He cannot believe that they intend to picnic (having little idea what an eyeful is in store for him).
His mood worsens when Mary says she has invited a friend.
But once Lorraine appears the Prof relaxes.
They arrive at the picnic area on a riverbank.
Mary leaves to get sandwiches leaving her boyfriend with Lorraine.
Of course Lorraine cannot wait to get started with the slapstick fun for Mary’s boyfriend.
Mary, upon returning, finds her boyfriend groping Lorraine’s stained top.
Mary is very annoyed and so tit for tat slapstick commences between her and Lorraine.
Both girls get well sploshed up with tomato soup, beans, custard, tomato sauce, mushy peas, jam, eggs, salad cream and finally flour.
During this mayhem:
Boobs are exposed.
Skirts and tops are discarded.
Stockings and suspenders get well splattered.
The girls get the foodstuffs everywhere: over heads, faces, boobs, down knickers (both front and back), down stockings (over legs and inside the stockings).
Phew! You will be bewitched at the total abandon as these girls strive to make the other the messiest!
Meanwhile, the Prof enjoys the spectacle and takes photos.
Ending with two moonies! Oy!
This is a superb slapstick scene running 13 mins 38 secs so beating the two major slapstick scenes in The Hopeful Starlet (Film 1 Streams 4 and 5).
Shot on the banks of the River Cleddau in South Wales, the ‘Great Outdoors’ lived up to its name, as with the date pre-set and the weather cool, overcast and drizzly, the show had to go on…..and Mary and Lorraine reveled in it!

MAJOR ASPECT – 2 girl slapstick in ‘Picnic Hampered’ running 13mins 38 secs

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