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Commencing with the WSM TV jingle, we next have a spoof advert for lager as Carol, in a silky white dress, shows how lager can refresh you.

We then go to a Documentary ‘Inside Splosh Magazine’.
Yorkshire Television had invited Splosh Magazine/WSM to feature on their ‘James Whale’ show, which was always aired some time after midnight.
Their content was rather milder that what we show and sadly the host tried to sensationalize it and resorted to personal remarks on Bill Shipton!
The cameraman seen is not our own Shaun Kendall but Yorkshire TV staff.
We should have re-written our jingle ‘Whose messier, wetter than the BBC, WSM TV’ to ‘Whose messier, muckier than Yorkshire TV, WSM TV!’
An opportunity missed!

So come and watch the real slapstick action with WSM TV!
WSM brought 3 of our girls – 2 dazzling blondes Lorraine and Rachel plus Melanie.
Lorraine wore a tight fitting white top with a matching pencil skirt.
Melanie wore a body clinging lemon mini dress with a broad black belt.
Rachel was in a two piece red silky top and pencil skirt.

To commence, Lorraine is splatted with rice pudding and custard by Melanie and Rachel.
Continuing, Lorraine is liberally plastered, including her fabulous hair-do!
Then it is Rachel and Melanie’s turns to get sploshed.
What ingredients are used?
Rice pudding, custard, beans, tomato soup, squirty cream, tomato ketchup, jam, mayonnaise and chocolate and blackcurrant from large tins!

The girls are well pasted. Then the clothes come off.
The first to show her boobs is Rachel.
Soon the girls are exhausted and sit down to continue smearing each other.
Lorraine revels in the mess and most of the attention. Her messy boobs look magnificent!
With 3 girls you will not know where to look for the best action!
There are some wonderfully messy shots as the almost nude girls continue to trade the gloopy, messy mixtures.
Melanie is deluged in custard.

Suddenly, Splatman appears (one of Splosh magazines readers) plus Rub-It-In (Bill Shipton). Everyone is involved in a very messy set-to!

MAJOR ASPECT – The 3 girl Slapstick free-for-all they didn’t dare show on Yorkshire TV – see it here running 8 mins 23 secs

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