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Shot the same day (18th August 1985) as ‘The Chase’ (see Vintage Film 1 Stream 1), we have Ruth and Debbie commencing a car wash.
Debbie helps Ruth clean her car, but it is not long before Debbie turns the hose on Ruth.
Wendy arrives and is also hosed by Debbie.
Ruth gets the hose from Debbie and sprays both Debbie and Wendy.
Debbie regains the hose and sprays Ruth.
Ruth is incensed and chases Debbie into a field which has a mud pit!
Debbie is in a peach full skirted dress and Ruth has a white PVC mac and below knee boots.
They start to wrestle in the mud pit.
Taking her mac off , Ruth wears a purple sleeveless all-in-one body suit.
A mud fight ensues.
Ruth is soon topless.
Debbie loses her dress, then shortly after her 38DD boobs are released from her bra.
A further mud wrestle continues.
Both girls have their faces daubed and become covered with mud.
There are plenty of gloopy mud sploshes and splashes.
Then a surprise ending! Run time 7 mins 50 secs.

Then a brief Fix It jingle, before we see Rachel ask the very silly question:
‘Can you Fix it for me to see the return of “Sock it to Me” time as in the old Laugh-In days?’ Better still, click on the Clip opposite to see what happened! Run time 14 seconds.

Another Fix It jingle, then Melanie reads the next request that the local lady from the Benefits Office has a bucket of whitewash poured on her.
Mr. Swamp Doggie obliges pouring the whitewash all over her suit! Run time 45 secs.

Yet a further Fix It jingle before ordinary housewife Angie (in her only appearance), gets her hair, white top, blue jeans and black heels thoroughly drenched in a paddling pool.
She shampoos her hair, rolls round the pool and takes her top off. Run time 2 mins 25 secs.

Then a final jingle brings this Stream to an end.
With 8 items, including 4 jingles, this is very entertaining Fix It material!

MAJOR ASPECT – Car wash Wetlook followed by a mud wrestle between Ruth and Debbie running 7 mins 50 secs

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