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This Stream has 4 Fix-Its and 3 jingles.

It was 29th September 1990 that we filmed Carol in a black PVC outfit, long sleeved top, mini skirt and thigh boots having cream poured all over the outfit, both front and back. This was followed by custard.
But Carol did not even get her top off.
We were thrown out of the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool because we were filming.
An opportunistic member of the hotel staff also alerted the newspapers.
So it was that ‘The Sun’ ran a startling headline about ‘Rivers of Beans’ running down the corridors at the Adelphi Hotel.
I suppose it is known as journalistic licence to print anything that is eye catching!
Suffice it to say they were so good at their job, that they could not trace us!
This was like the movie ‘The Man who shot Liberty Valance’, when the myth is far more exciting than the reality!
But…..rather an expensive shoot, with a run-time of only 2 mins 17 secs!

Next, running 4 mins 47 secs was a very messy 4 girl mudlark shot not far from Tenby, South Wales.
The girls – Debbie, Lorraine, Mary and Melanie - were dressed in white/lemon/yellow outfits for maximum impact when muddied.
It was meant to be some boisterous muddy fun on a muddy estuary.
But I will not forget the look on my film cameraman/editor Shaun Kendall’s face when he had to confess that evening to a technical cock-up, as the film dropped out of colour to black and white with a complete loss of sound!
A few beers later and the problem was solved with our tribute to the early Silent Film days complete with captions and a honky tonk piano!
But in those early days, the girls never got so mucky or stripped down just to their knickers!

The next Fix-It sees Carol again, dressed in an alluring white nightie.
In an amusing sketch she is painted, yes literally, by an aspiring artist.
He titles his work……then gets a surprise! Run time 1 min 49 secs.

In the final short Fix It lasting 26 seconds, Debbie gladly obliges for custard down her ample cleavage.

Then a final jingle brings this Stream to an end.
With 4 Fix It items, it is amazing that two have such interesting tales with them!

MAJOR ASPECT – 4 girl madcap mudlark with Silent Film tribute to those early stars running 4 mins 47 secs

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