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VINTAGE FILM 5 Another Fine Mess STREAM 2

Two items in this Stream, Slapstick and Wetlook.

Firstly, Louise L’Amour is incensed that Mirrel took over her introduction.
She pastes Mirrel with the wallpaper paste, then pours a bucketful over Mirrel.
She continues to daub Mirrel who realizes (with all this mess), that she is becoming the real star of this show!
Louise continues to put her down, she opens the back of Mirrel’s trousers and pours wallpaper paste down over her bum.
With Mirrel kneeling down, Louise pours a further bucketful of paste over her head.
Run-time 1 min 57 secs.

The 2nd and major portion of this stream is now introduced by Louise L’ Amour.
“An item more in keeping with the sophisticated tone we want to project, (as Louise) takes a look at famous dress designer Michel Drencher”.
Louise introduces his new collection of Evening wear and Day wear from a small Spa Health pool at Ascot in the form of a wet fashion show!
We start with Rachel in a green full length dress. She enters the swimming pool, swims, then ducks under the water, before leaving the pool by the steps (still fully clothed, including heels).
Next, is Lorraine in a sleeveless blue dress with a plunging neckline, long black gloves, black undies and heels. She slides into the pool, then swims down and exits by the steps.
We have some great wet dress shots and Lorraine ends with a head dunk.
Finally, we have Carol dressed in a pink, sleeveless long dress plus long white gloves.
She enters the pool by the steps assisted by Lorraine.
Carol pulls herself out up the steps with some great dress cling. She swims down the pool then exits by the steps. But her dress had ridden up so we see her white lingerie!
To round off this section, Lorraine and Carol swim underwater before floating in the pool.
Louise then continues to describe “the three stunning outfits of Daywear”.
First up is Carol with black stockings and spiky stiletto heels.
She wears a white one piece silky outfit that is transformed after she has rolled into the pool, as it be comes completely transparent!
Carol has no wet hair…..but who is looking at her hair when she presents such a wet delight!
Next, it is Lorraine in a yellow daydress plus primrose heels.
As the dress turns very see though when wet, it looks just fabulous on her.
Finally, stark white including a lace top for Rachel.
Fantastic see thru plus glossy stockings.
The 3 girls re-enter the pool and duck under the water.
They then clamber totally drenched out of the pool in an absolutely stunning wet parade!
For you Wetlook fans, a superb Wetlook Fashion Show!

MAJOR ASPECT – 3 girl very wet fashion parade running 11 mins 34 secs

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