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VINTAGE FILM 6 Mucky Kind of Magic STREAM 1

Certificated by the British Board of Film Classification in June 1992.

Commencing with a song unique to this Stream, besides enjoying the tune, you should enjoy the lyrics. ‘This is our Kind of Magic’ says the song as Lorraine provides a suitably messy accompaniment.
Brief, but scene setting! Run-time 1 min 55 secs.

Next, shot in a rented room in Bootle, Bill Shipton makes his entrance as the master magician, ‘the Great Pervo’.
He introduces his buxom assistant Titania, then our Magician and Assistant do their best to outperform each other!
I will not spoil the great Pervo’s tricks by detailing them.
The scene ends with the ‘famous jug of water illusion’. Run-time 5 mins 40 secs.
For added support Merseyside Police invaded the scene claiming they had been tipped off about an illicit porn shoot!
They took away many slide film sets……..which were all returned without so much as an apology! And the fact that you are working off a script and the movie is BBFC certificated quite escaped them, as yes, some people do work legally!

Then we are off to Essex.
We have a very mucky showdown between Sheriff Mary and Calamity Lorraine which we termed the Gunfight at the Yuckee Corral.
But forget the Gunfight as the girls get down and dirty in some good old fashioned mud wrestling with some great splurgy, splodgy sounds!
Check out our Free Clip to see Mary and Lorraine in action!
The scene finishes as Sheriff Mary replaces her mud filled cowboy hat squarely on her head with smug satisfaction. Run-time 5 mins 50 secs

And the real star of this Stream?
I nominate our quiet man Shaun Kendall (cameraman and film editor).
Perfect editing and music throughout this movie of the great Pervo’s tricks!

Finally, a word about Titania, who only appears in this movie.
Sadly, she already had her ticket for a new life in Australia.
Imagine her new employer inspecting her reference from ‘the Great Pervo!’

MAJOR ASPECT – Mary and Calamity Lorraine wrestle it out to see who is leaving town! Run-time 5 mins 50 secs

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