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VINTAGE FILM 6 Mucky Kind of Magic STREAM 4

Stream 2 was devoted to Wetlook, Stream 3 was all Slapstick, now we have Stream 4 all mud, or more specifically ‘mud wrestling!’

We see the tag team mud wrestling event from Aquantics 1991 convention, which was held in Tenby, South Wales.
Mirrel, dressed in white trouser suit, introduces the event.
Swamp Doggie (Canadian mud wrestler) explains the rules.
We have a contest between WSM girls and Aquantics girls.

First up, we have Lorraine from WSM dressed in a lemon top and white tennis skirt.
She faces Tracy (dressed in a blue lycra body suit) representing the Aquantics girls.
Tracy is tagged by Gill who enters the pit in red blouse and blue knee length skirt.
Then WSM’s Debbie (also in lemon top and white tennis skirt) is tagged by Lorraine and the Aquantics girls tag again, as Charlotte enters dressed in a long sleeved white blouse and black jeans.
Debbie uses her weight advantage to obtain a pin, and a very muddied Charlotte exits.

Tracy re-enters to face WSM’s Carol who is dressed in all white……but not for long!
Gill enters after being tagged, but she takes advantage of Carol, who always enjoys getting a full mudbath!
Carol tires and tags in Lorraine who struggles hard but unsuccessfully to pin Gill, before Gill tags in a very muddy Charlotte.
Lorraine tries hard to pin Charlotte, who is uncompromisingly mud bathed. Urged on by the spectators to avoid a pin, Charlotte’s memorable response was “I’m only a little one!”
Lorraine in despair tags Debbie.
Debbie strips off Charlotte’s top before mud rolling her. (See CLIP with this write-up).
Charlotte acts like a slippery eel, much to Debbie’s annoyance.
But eventually Debbie pins Charlotte and Swamp Doggie announces the winners with 2 straight falls : the ladies of WSM.

Then a special match with 4 girls in the pit during the contest.
The WSM extra, Rachel (dressed all in white) and Aquantics girl MC Mirrel (still spotless in her white trouser suit) now join the action.
Debbie sees off a challenge from Gill, but a real grudge match develops between Rachel and Mirrel, in which Rachel, showing some appealing muddy bum shots, comes off a very muddied second best!
Then, a quick change of girls as Carol takes on Charlotte, while Lorraine grapples with Tracy.
Charlotte is stripped down to her knickers!
Tracy then fights a bedraggled Rachel.
Then all change again, as a topless Carol fights Mirrel.
Then Debbie crawls away after beating Tracy!

What can one say! Total mucky mayhem!
But if you like muddy girls...well, this is a feast!!

MAJOR ASPECT – 4 WSM girls and 4 Aquantics girls in indoor,tag team, mud wrestling - Run Time 9 min 40 sec

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