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VINTAGE FILM 7 Wheel of Misfortune STREAM 5

If you are into big boobs and mud, then this is a fantastic 12 minutes!
As the WSM gameshow continues, the hostess contrives for the wheel to end on ‘M’.
So contestant Sammi ends up in the ‘Pool of Doom!’
Sammi is dressed in a white long sleeved top and tight lemon trousers.
She does her best to ooze appeal and soon all her clothes are very muddy.
Her hair gets the treatment, then her top is off and her boobs are muddy.
Sammi drops her trousers to show a knickerless bum!
A nude Sammi continues to mess herself up as the scene ends at 3 mins 42 secs.

The next item starts with an advert but after 22 seconds develops into a full scene.
The advert is for an ‘all girl plumbing service’!!
Blonde, big boobed Ace in a filmy red dress and short jacket top, soon has Debbie there to examine her bath which is ‘all blocked up!’
Debbie wears a white jacket and cap, a sleeveless white top struggling to contain her 40DD’s, a very short mini skirt, white ankle socks and cute white ankle boots.
Of course Ace is enjoying the jape and urging Debbie to get thoroughly muddy in an attempt to unblock the bath.
She soon has Debbie lying down in the muddy bath.
Debbie gets messier and messier before she susses out that this is a set-up and Ace is enjoying her discomfort!
Trying to wash the mud away, Ace is soon washing down Debbie so through her wet top, those fabulous boobies come on show.
Ace is pulled in and a mud smearing contest begins between the two big chested girls!
Both girls are drenched with the liquid mud.
Ace’s boobs are exposed in all their magnificence!
Hairs are messed up and clothes torn!
Soon we have a total view of the twin muddied boobies!
Ace relishes the messiness as liquid mud is poured over her by Debbie.
Then Debbie gets the liquid mud treatment from Ace - See the FREE CLIP.
Liquid mud is poured down both girls’ thongs.
Ace’s hair gets a thorough mud drenching.
Then, it is Debbie’s turn for a mud shampoo, much to Ace’s delight!
The girls get rinsed off with the shower after their mud fun to fully reveal their chestfulls!
Take your pick….blonde Ace or brunette Debbie!
Ace thanks Debbie for her work, then we see Ace enter her lounge for an amusing finale!
Run-time 8 mins 35 secs.

The scene was shot in Debbie’s home on 21st August 1991.
The bathroom was destroyed and the bath stayed blocked!!
So guess who had to summon (and pay) the real plumber?

This was Ace’s last appearance in the WSM Vintage Films.
But we have already commended to you Ace in the very under-valued (as not very well known) scene in Vintage Film 6 Stream 6, the ‘Spy that Gunged Me’.
For Debbie, to see those boobs at their best, we recommend Vintage Film 3 Stream 1.

But it is not Ace’s final performance as I still have tapes and images with her horse in a muddy pool plus a slapstick picnic with Carol, both dated 1991.

What happened to Ace? Sadly, she was in a motor bike crash and ended up scarred which finished her modeling career.

MAJOR ASPECT – Ace summons Debbie from the ‘all girl plumbing service’ to unblock her bath - Run Time 8 min 35 secs

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