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This Stream is a single scene devoted to Mud.
We go on Army training as Sergeant Mick tells his two pretty new recruits that it is: “Time to find out what the Army is all about!
When you are in combat …….you will be cold and wet and very messy!”

Mud fanatic Mick puts Corporal Lorraine and Private Mary through a series of exercises, all of which make sure they become muddier and muddier!
We have some excellent combat sound effects.
But all the action is tongue in the ending shows!

We commence with Corporal Lorraine leading the way.
Then Lorraine crawls across the mud flat – see the FREE Clip.
Next, we have unarmed combat on the mud flat during which hairs get mud shampooed and faces muddy!

The girls take their tunics off for the final test.
They are sent into a muddy foxhole in their white blouses.
They have to crawl on their stomachs across the mud flat as the Serge says it is good practice!
So Lorraine and Mary become even more muddy.

Having finished the training, the Serge scoffs them:
“Now, my pretty young girls, are we Cold? Are we Wet? Are we Messy?”
To which the girls reply: “Yes Serge we are, but you’re not!”
The girls set about muddying up the Serge!
We have an amusing ending.

Do note that the girls end up fully clothed and there is no nudity.
Run-time 8 mins 26 secs

MAJOR ASPECT – Sergeant Mick puts Mary and Lorraine through muddy Army training run-time 08 mins 26 secs.

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