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STREAM 4 16 mins 57 secs

This scene features outdoor mud fun and was shot on the banks of the River Severn 30th July 1999.

Bob phones to take Shakina out to celebrate a major business success.
We see them driving in a rural setting before the car runs out of petrol!
Shakina is pleased that they will get time to spend together.
Bob says the nearest garage is 5 miles across all that b----y mud!
He is enraged by his negligence and the task facing him to get some petrol.
Shakina begs to go with him.
Bob says ‘But you will get filthy!’
Shakina anticipating a great muddy experience says ‘You’d better believe it!’
So the two suits trudge off, Bob in his office suit and Shakina in a skirt suit.
They clamber down a riverbank to cross the mudflat.
Shakina looks very fetching as she hoists her skirt to show stockings and suspenders.
They struggle across the mud flat before Shakina decides she has to sit down!
She pulls Bob to her and is delighted with their muddy predicament!
Both our superstars enjoy a frisky frolicking in the mud as Shakina eggs Bob on.
She thinks it is great, but Bob realizing what is happening exclaims ‘Another fine mess you got me into!’
This is classic couple mud games!
The sound is great as every sploosh and splat is captured!
Shakina removes her long jacket, telling Bob ‘You’re going to get some now! You are messing with the wrong woman!’
Then Bob removes his jacket and tie.
Shakina gets progressively muddier and invites Bob to ‘Rub some in me… will be a bit more sensual!’ Bob enjoys his task. SEE FREE CLIP (to see how they are getting on!)
Shakina invites Bob to slap it on her pussy! Bob removes her skirt and shoes.
He spreads the mud over her legs, thighs, pussy and stomach before removing her top.
Bob continues to cover her with mud. Shakina asks him to remove her bra.
She then rubs her tits into the mud totally enjoying this messy play!
Then they wrestle together in the gloopey deep mud.
Bob decides to push Shakina from a standing position, telling her that she must fall face down in the mud! Shakina does it willingly to become totally mud covered!

Eventually, coming to from her daydream, Bob flags down a van to get a lift for the fuel. A frustrated Shakina expresses her feelings with a cynical ‘Bloody marvelous!’
Rather than split this into two scenes, it is run as a single 17 minute scene with a corresponding price adjustment.
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