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STREAM 6 12 mins 05 secs

Shot on 3rd September 1999 in Southport, this stream features two couples at slapstick play for which two separate cameras were used.

We had left Shakina speaking to her doctor. She queries seeing a further specialist. But her mood changes when she learns that he has not failed to find a cure before.
Shakina is overjoyed and declares that he can cure both her and Bob.

Next, we are at Professor Treacle’s consulting room with his very disorganized desk.
The Prof is practicing his sexual prowess on his secretary Sue as he fondles and kisses her boobs. They are interrupted by the phone. Shakina and Bob have arrived.
Shakina identifies her problem as food related.
The Prof explains that when you use foodstuffs for sexual enjoyment, you are supposed to be having a gentle, loving and erotic experience, and not treating it like a slapstick movie!
The Prof believes a practical demonstration is probably the answer to the problem.
The Prof gets Shakina to stand and starts to demo the food smearing/caressing technique.
Bob is taken aback and accuses the Prof of making a strange excuse to molest his wife!
The Prof apologises as he was only responding to Bob’s wife’s needs!
He can just as easily demo on his secretary.
So the Prof gives a dry run demo on Sue.
Shakina says she cannot really imagine what it would be like for her and asks if the Prof has any real foodstuffs?
Bob agrees that such a foodstuff demo would be very useful.
Sue, the Prof’s secretary, has been through all this before.
‘Oh well! Another outfit and hair style ruined’, she says, removing her hair clip to free her hair.
Shakina is excited, but Bob reckons it will be a complete waste of time and money.
But Shakina gets Bob to agree to join in.
The Prof assures them they will have ‘the experience of a lifetime!’

So after 5 mins 54 secs we are in the food demo area used for having sex and food together. There is a huge selection of foodstuffs laid out.
The Prof commences with his secretary Sue using rice pudding.
Then it is Bob’s turn to imitate the Prof’s technique on his wife Shakina.
The Prof demos other applications for the bowls of rice pudding.
Bob is now taking a keen interest. He removes his jacket and tells Shakina she is ‘going to get it now!’
Shakina is most pleased at Bob’s response.
Bob follows the Prof’s lead.
Next, they use jam to add colour and a different texture.
Shakina encourages Bob on.
We switch from one couple to the next as the girls become messier by the minute.
The Prof remonstrates with Bob who is not following his lead.
He rips open Shakina’s blouse to allow Bob easy access.
Sue suggests the Prof tries treacle…….his namesake!
The treacle is very runny and messes up Sue causing Bob and Shakina to laugh out loud! SEE FREE CLIP
Bob pours the treacle over Shakina who enjoys the experience.
The Prof next demos custard…..on Sue’s legs and feet!
Bob follows suit with Shakina.

Part 2 of this scene follows in the final Stream 7.
Who has yet to be sploshed?
It is rather obvious, but see it revealed next Stream.
Is Shakina cured?
Find out in the final Stream 7.

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