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Dee and Jade in classic Wetlook

Run-time 48 mins 06 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

4 Sample Clips and 4 Streams – Wetlook

Stream 1 commences as Dee enters a shallow river watched by two cows!
The wind is blustery but Dee is not afraid to get wet.
She wears a black sleeveless top, black trousers, ankle boots with socks……..but no knickers!
‘See how lovely and shiny these pants go when they are wet’, she says.
The pants do get a good splashing.
Then Dee sits in the river before lying down so her top is wetted.
Soon she is lying back wetting her hair and indulging in hair play – see CLIP 1 (wet hair).
In less than 8 mins she goes under the water for fully clothed wet play, with some great hair shots.
There are some glorious wet clothed shots as in effect, you are in the river with Dee.
In Stream 2, Dee dives into the river 4 times plus 2 backward falls.
After 5 mins she removes her top and continues her river play.
She cavorts in the river shallows – see CLIP 2 (topless with some good wet trouser bum shots).
After 9 mins she removes her trousers and ankle boots, then lastly her black socks.
For the final 4 mins Dee plays in the river shallows while nude.
She finishes with some raunchy poses as the sun has come out to bless her nakedness.
Wow! Remarkable entertainment from a sexy lady.
Dee’s Wetlook in the river with Streams 1 and 2 runs 26 minutes.
There you will see this all wet WSM woman!
People, be warned of some very erotic content, but not in the Clips we show.

Now it is summer, this is the time of year to go OUTDOORS.
We feature a great wet image set of 173 shots of DEE in a small river, set W256.
I continue to be amazed at how many supposed “wet shots” on sites fail to get the model properly wet.
For WSM, wet means fully wet, always including the hair!
In set W256 DEE wears a black sleeveless top, black trousers and black ankle boots.
There are great close-up and wet hair shots.
Anyone into sexy bums, then this is for you!
The set progresses from dry and fully clothed to very, very wet, then a gradual strip to end with some fully naked shots.
The last 27 shots are totally naked and some are very raunchy indeed!
We show you 5 sample shots from Dee’s W256 set.

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Now what remarkable value you get with movie WSM060 for after 26 mins of Dee in the river, there is a separate movie of Asian Jade in an oily paddling pool that runs 22 mins.

Stream 3 has Jade in a delightful garden setting dressed in a black net long sleeved blouse, a flowery mini skirt, red thong, black hold-up stockings plus black heels - (Jade chose her outfit).
She enters a paddling pool with clear oil (oil in an outside paddling pool is a great substitute for cold tap water!) And the oil looks fantastic too, the way it glistens.
Jade starts to play, soaking her outfit with oil.
Jade kneels up to show her trim bum – see CLIP 3.
Jade caresses her boobs and clothes with the oil, then sploshes oil over herself.
‘I have never been soaked with oil before’, she says.
If you like wet, oily girls then this is superb.
Jade taunts the camera with oily bum shots then rolls about with abandon in the pool.
And all the time Jade chats to the camera.
She starts to cover her hair with handfuls of oil.

Stream 4 commences as Jade spins around the oily pool.
It is ‘Wonderful’ she says. ‘You like that shine?’ she asks.
We are very up close to her oily play and get some fabulous oily shots all enhanced by the outdoor setting, as the birds sing out their delight!
Jade is now fully oil covered.
After 4 mins she starts to undress by removing her stockings.
Then she removes her net blouse to show her bullet nipples.
‘I am having an oil bath’ exclaims Jade…..’Lovely!’
After 6 mins her skirt is removed followed by her knickers.
We then have 6 mins of oily nude play – see CLIP 4.
Things become more revealing as Jade fingers herself!
She even invites us to ‘Take a close look!’
So we have some rather explicit shots.
We end with Jade lying full length in the pool as we admire her figure as she rolls in the oil.
Wow again! Some great looks and poses.

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Image Set

No of Images 173  

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