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Kimyl and Gary Gunge in Kimyl gets Messed

Run-time 40 mins 02 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

Movie offered in HD 937 Mb or SD (Standard definition) 364 Mb

4 WMV Sample Clips – deliciously messy!

This is messy play between an unlikely couple!
But the chemistry is there and there is fine interplay and banter between them.
Cold blooded girl Kimyl greets her sploshings with many a shriek and yell!
With 4 Streams running 40 minutes this is classic tongue-in-cheek messy couple play.

Stream 1
Gary Gunge introduces his ‘friend’ Kimyl.
He shows off her outfit and all the foodstuffs.
Gary asks Kimyl what she would like.
They start with semolina.
Gary spreads it on her arm, then on her dress.
This is very relaxed viewing with amusing chit-chat as they have fun – see CLIP 1.
Gary is enjoying pasting her and covers all her dress.

Stream 2
Next, cold yogurt is introduced.
Kimyl’s stockings are coated.
Her best feature is her very trim bum and Gary applies yogurt over it then the backs of her stockings.
Next, yogurt is applied and squished in both shoes.
Yogurt goes inside her stockings as Kimyl shivers.
Then yogurt is smeared inside her dress and over her boobs.
There are some good messy shots well recorded with two separate cameras running.
Kimyl tricks Gary and smears his face with yogurt.
But he exacts revenge - see CLIP 2.
Her boobs get more yogurts over them.

Stream 3
Kimyl sits while Gary sprays her with yogurt, then he pours it over her.
He continues to cover her in yogurts.
Gary pours yogurt over her head – this ends with a facial - see CLIP 3.
He continues to paste her with yogurts.
Then, it is Gary Gunge’s turn to be on the receiving end.
Kimyl says she is going to gunge him……and starts with some custard.
There is some good banter between them.
Gary taunts her, so she throws a bowl of custard over him.
Next, he is deluged in rice pudding.
Plenty of couple splosh fun here!

Stream 4
It is time for the Frijj milkshake drinks.
Kimyl douses Gary with banana!
They play a game of guessing the flavor.
Kimyl immensely enjoys this as Gary stumbles in guessing correctly.
‘Would you like another one Sir? she asks.
‘You are a bit of a bitch when it comes to this, aren’t you?’ Gary says.
His last flavor is strawberry…..which he guesses correctly!
Then, it is Kimyl’s turn at food tasting!
She gets the 1st completely wrong, but correctly identifies the next 3 flavours.
See her receive and identify the final flavour - see CLIP 4.
Gary uses up the unused drinks as Kimyl shrieks away!
Then her dress is removed and squeezed out over her.
A bowl of custard is emptied down her back accompanied by more yells!
Then her front is covered with the custard.
Finally, some relief for Kimyl as Swirl is introduced (dark and white chocolate intertwined)
Gary swirls it around her boobs.
This is followed by warmed chocolate hazelnut spread.
3 jars go over her front, back and her bum!
‘It is making me horny’ says Kimyl!
So you can all guess what happens next!
Look out for the continuation 25 minute movie XXX035 ‘Blow and Wash’ on 23rd May.

MOVIE WSM199 has four streams:
Stream 1 runs 8 mins 30 sec
Stream 2 runs 11 mins 08 secs
Stream 3 runs 8 mins 17 secs
Stream 4 runs 12 mins 07 secs

Image Set S380

No of Images 145  

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