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Custard coated Dee

Run-time 31 mins 24 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Streams plus 3 Sample Clips

We have all seen stand-up comics and singers perform their acts.
But how many go at it continuously for 31 minutes?
We give Dee a bare studio stage, a good supply of cartons of custard, and off she goes to entertain you.
She commences dressed in a stylish loose fitting jump-suit with a black thong.
See if you spot her change of shoes as she commences with her own cork soled ones (good shots of them at 08-20 of Stream 1).
Oops! It took until Stream 2 for the shoe change – see at 00-30.
Her black outfit gets very nicely all slicked up with the custard.
And the major feature is……movement.
Dee is never still be it standing, kneeling, crouching, sitting, lying front and back.
She simply sploshes herself up!
Listen out for some interesting sound effects throughout the movie.
This is prolonged custard play!
Dee is so energetic we could almost call it a custard work-out!
She shows remarkable athleticism even doing her best to swim in the custard!
This is extreme trash the outfit play.
Splish, splash, splat she goes or as Dee says 'splodge!'

As a brief summary, she sets out to get her outfit slicked up with the custard.
At 05-12 in Stream 2 she starts on her hair and face.
At 02-49 in Stream 3 both boobs are out and still the custard flows.
Finally, at 04-48 in Stream 3 her thong is off and even though Dee is very custard coated, we still get some fantastic raunchy shots of her custard play.
She ends the shoot wearing just those replacement shoes!

As Dee says in Stream 2 'I love mess and I love custard!'
She teases us in Stream 2 by singing 'Don't you wish your girlfriend was messy like me?'
I can hear the huge chorus of 'Yes!'
What a custard loving lady she is!
We show you 3 Clips of her custard play from movie WSM173.

MOVIE WSM173 of Custard Coated Dee has 3 Streams running 31 mins 24 secs.

The disappointing aspect of this shoot was that over 300+ 35mm Images were lost with my computer malfunction.
There are not even a few 35mm samples.
We have to make do with 84 video grabs in image set S355.
Sorry folks!

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Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

Image Set S355

No of Images 84  

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