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Custard Couple - Santa cums again

Run-time 34 mins 23 secs.

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

This is The WSM Xmas movie for 2015.
The movie has a proper story (Stream 1 has 5 scenes), is well thought out, has musical content, is very amusing and is great festive fun! There is no need to ask if it is Messy!
What struck me most was the very clear loud speech, as CC have moved to far more positive dialogue and sound.
This is the normal movie and the XXX content is omitted (see movie XXX024 for XXX version).

Stream 1 – runs 11 mins 18 secs
Scene 1
Mrs. CC is asleep in bed with Mr. Snowman.
It is Xmas Eve.
Last year, Mrs. CC was Santa’s Angel.
This year she will be his very, very naughty Elf.
Scene 2
She gets her sign asking Santa to call.
Mrs. CC goes into the garden in just her white lace baby doll outfit, complete with g-string.
We are all glad that she decides to take Mr. Snowman back into the house, as she leans over to pick him up, giving us an awesome bum shot.
Scene 3
We visit Santa’s lounge as he magically appears.
We see him making preparations for his Xmas Eve trip.
This is very relaxing fun!
Scene 4
We see Mrs. CC preparing for Santa’s arrival, first in her new baby doll nightie, then she adds her little elfin outfit with bells, gloves and a hat.
Scene 5
Santa arrives and admires Mrs. CC – see CLIP 1.

We see the foods he has brought (yes, he is magic!)
Mrs. CC ends by saying ‘I’m here, I’m waiting, I’m willing!’

Stream 2 – runs 10 mins 21 secs
Santa decides that as he has been out in the snow, Mrs. CC should get white, messy and wet!
So naughty Santa commences with cold milk.
Mrs. CC squeals and yells with the coldness as Santa pours the milk over the front and back of her Elf outfit.
Of course Santa wants his treat, so lifting her skirt, he continues to pour the milk - see Clip 2.

The milk is followed by yogurts – ‘Equally cold’, says Mrs. CC.
‘This is exactly what you asked for!’ says Santa.
He rubs in the yogurt.
‘I am a bit bedraggled now’, says Mrs. CC.
‘You are nowhere near messy enough are you? Asks Santa.
Of course Mrs. CC readily agrees she is not.
So Santa continues to cover her Elf outfit and sleeks the yogurt over her front and back.
Next, Santa applies some Strawberry Angel Delight.
Naughty Elf Mrs. CC encourages him to fill-up her little white panties.
Then with her seated on a chair in front of the fire, Santa brings the Chocolate Angel Delight.
Now it really is time for her to get very messy.
Santa starts by pushing Mrs. CC’s face into the bowl of Chocolate Angel Delight.
Then he works from the head down, sploshing her outfit, including hat and gloves.

Stream 3 – runs 12 mins 44 secs
Santa gets down to the application of the Chocolate Angel Delight as Mrs. CC presents her white knickers. Of course Santa slides his messy hand into her knickers.
Then he covers her legs and boots.
Mrs. CC puts the chocolate dessert over her boobs and tempts Santa to help her.
But the naughty Elf Mrs. CC wants the chocolate dessert rubbed on her arse!
We see her tightly knickered bum (which Santa says is far too clean).
She wants some syrup dripped over her bum and Santa is delighted to oblige.
Santa is now fully enjoying messing Mrs. CC.
But he surprises her by applying Strawberry Jam over her back and bum, while she urges him on.
Then Santa brings out the custard (well being part of CC he would, wouldn’t he!)
Mrs. CC assumes a rather provocative bum pose as Santa dribbles away with the custard over her back and bum.
Santa applies more golden syrup over her front, especially into her cleavage.
Then it is time to apply the custard down her front.
Mrs. CC responds by removing her dress.
Santa pours custard over the front of her baby doll.
She removes her hat and Santa unleashes custard over her head, face and front - see CLIP 3

Santa gives the naughty Elf a good messing up with custard.
He rips the baby doll cleavage open and pours more custard.
The custard is really turning Mrs. CC on.
Mrs. CC removes her panties……and you need to see the XXX version for what then happens!
Next in this normal movie, we see Santa lying back on the mat without his trousers.
Mrs. CC brings a bowl of Chocolate.
Santa tastes before smearing his Elf with chocolate while she rubs chocolate on him.
Santa removes her gloves and spreads chocolate over her arms.
Mrs. CC gives Santa a final present.
This is a bottle of ‘Very Bad Elf’ ale.
But Mrs. CC hopes she has been Santa’s very bad Elf!
They finish by sending the season’s greetings to us all.

If you wish to see the write-up of the extra XXX, then go to movie XXX024 in the Online Store XXX Section. Do note that movie XXX024 includes both the normal and XXX Streams.
As such it runs over 44 mins.

MOVIE CC100 has 3 HD Streams running 34 mins 23 secs.

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