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CC in Muddiest Couple Play

Run-time 20 mins 11 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 SD Streams plus 2 SD Sample Clips

What a magnificent movie this is!
Shot in August 2012, sadly this was before I acquired my HD camera the following March.
But you will probably search in vain to get another 20 min couple mud movie with full on mud play.
But CC totally enjoy the experience, so feast your eyes on this muddy encounter.
Mr. CC was very annoyed that his wife was not trying in our Muddiest Goalkeeper competition.
She is already in a very muddy state (from the goalie competition – see movie WSM134 - CC13).
Mr. CC mud sloshes her then pulls up her top to reveal her black bra plus clean white skin!
He relishes slopping up her boobs.
Mr. CC puts mud inside her skirt before she lifts her skirt for him to slop her stomach and knickers.
She says she is not allowed white patches.
Mr. CC agrees and to make absolutely sure he lies her in the mud to give her a muddy facial.
He lifts the back of her top and sloshes mud over her back.
Then he pulls out her thong to muddy up her bum, so that ‘her knickers are right full of mud now!’
Mr. CC continues to mud daub his wife who is literally 100% covered head to toe in gloopey mud!
He helps her up.
But Mrs. CC can still see some white bits, so she eggs on Mr. CC to throw more mud over her front and back.
It must be said that Mrs. CC is a very willing mud recipient.
Mr. CC muddies up her stockings and knees.
Mrs. CC lifts her skirt to invite more mud thrown at her bum. ‘More mud’, she requests!
Next, Mr. CC removes her top which reveals more white patches.
‘Time to muddy you up’ says Mr. CC as he mud slops his kneeling wife.
Then he removes her boobs from her bra so he can give them the mud treatment.
‘You like me all muddy don’t you Mr. CC’ she asks?
‘I certainly do’ replies Mr. CC.
With Mrs. CC kneeling he removes her bra followed by her skirt which he dumps on her head.
As she still has white patches, Mr. CC sorts her out further – see CLIP 1

Mr. CC puts mud down the front of her knickers.
Splodgey, splodge!’ says Mrs. CC.
With Mrs. CC lying full length Mr. CC continues to mud daub her.
He pushes her face once more into the mud before continuing to mud splosh her.
Mr. CC gets her arms and drags her through the mud, much to her amusement.
He then removes her knickers before dumping them on her head!
Then Mr. CC removes her shoes.

The muddy action continues in Stream 2 as you wonder if Mrs. CC could get any muddier!
Mr. CC wants her ‘Totally covered’ and he has done his best to achieve it!
He removes her stockings so she is now nude.
She suggests that Mr. CC ‘Could tie me up with those’ (the stockings).
So Mr. CC obliges as she puts her hands over her head.
‘Now I can drag you about’, says Mr. CC.
Their muddy fun continues as Mr. CC drags her about and gives her a mud shampoo.
Mr. CC gets serious as he removes his top, straddles his mucky, slippy wife and enjoys mud massaging her.
He removes the tied stockings and lifts her up, before dumping her on her back.
They have a mud fight – see CLIP 2

Mr. CC falls into the mud, then takes his jeans off.
He challenges her to a wrestle and she puts him on his back in the mud!
They continue to mud wrestle as they are hugely enjoying themselves, with Mrs. CC taking the opportunity to muddy up her husband.
A determined Mr. CC says he will show her what this is all about.
He strides away to demonstrate a sliding dive.
Mrs. CC joins him as he shows how a sliding dive should be done (in the mud).
He dives and slithers across the goalmouth.
Then it is Mrs. CC’s turn.
She does her best before nuzzling up with Mr. CC.
‘Are we the muddiest’ asks Mrs. CC?
You bet they are!

So we have seen two totally consenting like minded people.
‘Muddiest couple play’! That describes it exactly!

But after all this arousing play, did CC become naughtier?
On 27th February we will have the XXX sequel to this muddy play with muddy cock
sucking and sex. See details under our Forward Program.

But there is more, for what is a movie without the images!
When you arrive for an outdoor shoot you have no idea how it will turn out.
With the muddy goalie and muddiest couple play we have two great gems!
Our images have undergone a major policy change.
We have re-sized all images in this set M214 so you get full page viewing. As we have published 428 images, you have a huge selection of the muddiest pics you will see!
We commence by capturing 20 images from the muddy goalkeeper image set.
These set the scene and move you quickly to the current movie action.
Has there ever been muddy fun like this?
A committed couple looking for one thing only – muddy fun!
Did you ever see a woman take a mudding like this?
But she is a mud goddess and thoroughly enjoyed it all.
In the end she only wears one outfit...mud!
We show you 6 sample pics from image set M214.

MOVIE WSM186 – CC25 of CC in ‘Muddiest Couple play’ has 2 SD Streams running 20 mins 11 secs.

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Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

Image Set M214

No of Images 428  

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