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Mrs. CC as Mud Slut 7 - muddy in tight jeans

Run-time 20 mins 58 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Streams plus 2 Sample Clips

Do you like those products where it says ‘it does exactly what is printed on the label’.
When we call Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) a Mud Slut, we are definitely not kidding!
If you want 21 minutes of a mature sexy lady at muddy play……well, here it is!
Shot outdoors in a field, it is a totally daring shoot.
Mrs. CC enters a muddy field with many puddles of ‘very watery mud’.
She likes ‘the thick gungey mud – a lot more fun!’
Mrs. CC finds some thicker mud - (see CLIP 1).

So she starts off her muddy play ‘rolling about in the lovely mud’.
She muddies her white jumper – ‘I love getting messy and muddy’ she says.
She opens her jeans to inspect her white knickers and daubs them with mud.
That arouses her as things take a serious sexual twist!
Hands in knickers she rubs between her thighs and squirms away.
There is a steady build up to her first muddy orgasm as Mrs. CC becomes unstoppable!
Towards the end of Stream 1 she reaches her orgasm having rubbed away at her clit through her muddy knickers.
And all the time…….she chats to us!

But is that enough for Mrs. CC?
Oh no!
She re-fastens her muddy jeans.
‘I could fuck in this all day’ she says!
She reverts to muddy playtime again.
She removes her muddy jumper to show a white t-shirt top.
She is determined to get her t-shirt muddy too - (see CLIP 2).

Mrs. CC lies full length to muddy up the t-shirt.
She has a mud roll before covering her bra, then her boobs.
She is pretty sloshed up now!
Mrs. CC loves to chat. She is ‘a real muddy mess’.
She sits on the water bowl, sliding the rim between her thighs.
She takes her jeans down as the water bowl rim is a perfect stimulator and very soon she is horny again!
‘Fuck it really hard’ she says.
With her jeans refastened, she continues to rub her pussy.
For more clit stimulation, she puts her hands inside her jeans, and stimulates herself to a 2nd orgasm!
‘I hope you have enjoyed my nice muddy playtime as much as me’ she says.
Finding her muddied jumper she puts it back on.
‘Isn’t this just exquisite – me muddy!’ she chortles.
She walks to the middle of the field and we leave her ‘completely muddied up!’
Wow! What a lady! What an experience!
Watching and listening (with plenty of wet, slurpy sounds), makes you appreciate her daring as she got muddy just for us!

MOVIE CC104 of Mrs. CC as Mud Slut 7 has 2 Streams running 20 mins 58 secs.

In addition to the movie there are 94 image shots published as set M228.
These are Enhanced (full screen) good quality images.
See if you like them as we show you 5 sample shots.

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Image Set M228

No of Images 94  

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