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Dee is Yogurted

Run-time 15 mins 10 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD
2 Streams in HD

Keep it simple!
And so we did with a single ingredient of plain yogurt.
Now you may think that this will be just another splosh and go movie!
But Dee makes it something else.
Did you ever see a mature lady of 40 something get such a yogurt pasting?
And does she just stand there and take it?
Oh no!
There is plenty of floor play and plenty of movement as Dee enjoys the messy yogurt experience.

Stream 1 – runs 7 mins 09 secs
The movie opens as Dee describes her outfit – a black mini-dress, black thong, black hold-ups and high heeled patent shoes.
Who is the surprise phantom who throws the yogurts at Dee? Hummh, no comment!
There are 4 sessions of yogurt throwing.
We commence at 1-00 minute.
Dee has no fear as the yogurts commence – see CLIP 1.

The phantom is very accurate.
After 4 mins her dress is off.
At 5-44 Dee says to the phantom ‘Come on then, see if you can get me!’
Big mistake!
At 6-00 she receives a bulls eye facial.
Then at 6-09 and 6-17 there are two great bum hits!

Stream 2 – runs 8 mins 01 secs
Stream 2 is all about floor play as Dee does not stand until she showers off.
After only 46 seconds her knickers are off.
She rolls about the yogurt covered floor – see CLIP 2.

The only off-putting aspect is a scratching bracelet sound.
We explore all Dee’s body while she is splatted.
This is a most revealing shoot of a yogurt splattered woman.
The phantom continues to impress with bulls eye shots to the bum at 3-08 and 3-16 then a pussy bulls eye at 3-51.
So be warned there are very explicit shots of Dee’s nude play - she only retains her stockings and heels.
At 6-20 Dee showers away the yogurt.
This was real splashy yogurt play with no holding back!
Look for your favourite position and favourite part of the body to be splattered.

In addition there are 136 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of Dee’s yogurt sploshing.
Sadly, almost all our original images were lost in a computer crash.
But we do have 5 original 35mm shots from image set S359 which we show as samples.

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Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

MOVIE 181 has 2 HD Streams running 15 mins 10 secs.

IMAGE SET S359 has 136 shots (see above).

Image Set S359

No of Images 136  

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