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Mrs. CC in sweet dreams at bedtime for Teddy

Run-time 26 mins 04 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

Stream 1 – runs 9 mins 39 secs
This is a spoof on a young girl, with her hair in bunches and sucking a lollipop, with her Teddy.
But naughty Mrs. CC does things with a Teddy that a sweet young girl would not imagine!
And Mrs. CC scarcely dresses like a young girl!
As an excuse to show off her outfit, Mrs. CC complains to Teddy that she is thirsty.
So she gets out of bed and puts her heels on (which remain on throughout the movie).
She talks to Teddy about a naughty dream she has just had.
The dream has made her extremely horny, so she does not want to go for a drink now.
Mrs. CC wants to have a bit of fun, some playtime together with her Teddy!
She provokes us all by sucking a nice, juicy lollipop.
Mrs. CC explains to Teddy that they are going to get ‘Really naughty together’ – see CLIP 1

And so the Messy Fun commences.
Two creamy pies are introduced.
The 1st goes over her covered boobs and cleavage.
Mrs. CC starts to get herself very messy with her foam pies as the 2nd pie is rubbed into her bum.
Note that the pies are solid, silky and creamy with no trace of wispy foam.
She rubs this white silky pie over herself.
‘My Teddy loves it!’ she says……..but so does she!
Pie is put into her knickers then squeezed out of the sides (of her knickers).
A 3rd pie is rubbed over her legs then further sloshed into her boobs as Mrs. CC squirms on the bed.

Stream 2 – runs 8 mins 00 secs
Mrs. CC takes a 4th ‘Big juicy pie’.
Teddy gets sploshed up with this pie.
Mrs. CC rides on top of him to rub the creamy pie well into Teddy.
Teddy lies between her legs as she sucks away at her lollipop.
‘Oh Teddy! You bad bear’ she says, giving the camera a very knowing look, as it is not Teddy who is acting naughty!
Then Mrs. CC gets a 5th pie which she smears over Teddy’s bum.
She then rides on top of her Teddy, enjoying the messy play – see CLIP 2

Mrs. CC writhes away arousing herself with the messy friction on her clit.
Sitting Teddy back to ‘Sit and watch’, she uses her gloved hand to enter her knickers for some vigorous and prolonged clit stimulation.
She also frees her boobs from her top to tease us!
It is all too much for Mrs. CC as she slips her knickers down to caress her creamy pussy, while Teddy sits transfixed beside her!
Kneeling towards the camera, she caresses her bum and pussy with the white silky foam.
Teddy goes between her legs as she lustily writhes on him with bum and legs towards the camera.
Mrs. CC clambers up to kneel upright on the bed, still caressing her pussy.

Stream 3 – runs 8 mins 25 secs
Stream 3 opens as Mrs. CC takes another pie (her 6th).
This is squashed into her bare crotch (or as she says ‘Right up my fanny’), and spread over her body.
Lying back, she indulges in further body caresses, after having finally removed her knickers.
The creamy covered Teddy is put to use as Mrs. CC writhes on his leg before enjoying an orgasm – see CLIP 3

As she lies on her back very fulfilled, we get a very detailed pussy close-up.
Teddy is scolded for being ‘An extremely bad boy,’ as Mrs. CC rubs his face into her pussy!
This re-stimulates her.
She removes her elbow length gloves for some finger clit play, as she opens her legs for a further vigorous and satisfying rubbing.
She kneels up at the bed headboard with a delicious bum shot before squatting back on the pillow for further clit stimulation.
The messy Teddy sits beside her.
Mrs. CC gives Teddy a further pie in the face ‘for being a very naughty Teddy bear’.
She gives herself two pies over her face and hair.
Why? She tells us, ‘for being an incredibly naughty lady with her Teddy bear!’
‘That was fun’ says a totally cream covered Mrs. CC who thanks us for joining her.

Shot January 2014 Mrs. CC looks terrific.
Not tried a CC movie yet?
Then this is well worth a look!

In addition there are 103 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of Mrs. CC’s fun with her Teddy!
The images are not as sparkling as the HD movie, but give a very good idea of content.
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S368.

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MOVIE CC66 has 3 HD Streams running 26 mins 04 secs.

IMAGE SET S368 has 103 shots

Image Set S368

No of Images 103  

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