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Custard Couple and Dee – Picnic in a Meadow

Run-time 53 mins 04 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

5 Sample Clips in HD
5 Streams in HD

This is a normal movie and there is no XXX content.

Stream 1 – runs 11 mins 44 secs – (do note that the WMV download failed, so please use the MP4 version just for this
Stream. The WMV download will be repaired shortly.)
Mrs. CC has organized a messy picnic in a meadow for a bemused Mr. CC.
But Mr. CC wants to begin with a cup of tea!
‘You are Mr. Boring’, says Mrs. CC.
She gets the cups and saucers from the whicker hamper.
Everything is there……except the milk.
Mr. CC is determined to have his cup of tea, so off he goes to a nearby farm for some milk.
Mrs. CC dozes off at the picnic site.
Dee comes across her and is amazed at the huge picnic spread.
‘What’s really going on here?’ asks Dee.
‘Are there lots of people coming?’ she asks.
‘No!’ says Mrs. CC. It is just for her and Mr. CC.
‘You mean you are going to get all messy?’ enquires Dee.
Dee confesses that she ‘Always wanted to get messy at a picnic!’
‘You are going to fit in superbly’, says Mrs. CC.
And so she does!
They cannot wait to get started.
Off they go starting with yogurt and Dee is quickly off the mark.
See how they progress – see CLIP 1

Both ladies really enjoy themselves and the dialogue and action continue non-stop.
‘Oh this is good!’ says Mrs. CC.
‘This is fun’, replies Dee.

Stream 2 – runs 10 mins 08 secs
The sloppy yogurt play continues.
‘Look how splodgy we are’, says Dee. ‘Listen to that splodgy noise!’
Finally, they run out of yogurt.
Next, the Frijj drinks get thrown about – see Clip 2.

Dee shows great prowess with her throwing.
They indulge in tit-for-tat messy play.
Dee messes up their feet and shoes.
Then they sit and roll in the mess with great abandon.
The smaller, stockier brunette makes quite a contrast with the taller, long limbed, lithe blonde.
They gush the Frijj drinks over themselves.
Next up is squirty cream.
Mrs. CC sprays it over Dee’s back and massages it into her clothes and body.
Dee’s bum is sprayed with the cream.
‘That’s a fantastic arse’, says Mrs. CC to Dee.
Then it is Mrs. CC’s turn.
Raising her bum invitingly in the air and to the camera, Dee sprays her arse with squirty cream.
They decide to have a filling of knickers session (with the squirty cream).

Stream 3 – runs 12 mins 29 secs
Stream 3 opens with Mrs. CC squirting the cream over and into her knickers.
Then it is Dee’s turn as she tells Mrs. CC ‘Mines creamier than yours!’
Dee’s knickers are soon creamed up.
They scoop the sundry mess up and throw it over each other.
Dee empties more cream over Mrs. CC.
They entertain us briefly with a can-can with skirts up and bums to the camera!
Dee suggests they take off their dresses.
She rips Mrs. CC’s dress open, then pulls it off revealing a clinging white slip.
Mrs. CC removes Dee’s dress.
Then they start on the tomato ketchup, spraying each other liberally.
This is good tit-for-tat – see CLIP 3

Their hairs do not escape the ketchup pasting.
Dee looks very statuesque as Mrs. CC ensures she is covered head to toe in tomato.
Dee removes Mrs. CC’s slip, then does her best to cover Mrs. CC’s bum.
It is on to Mayonnaise next.
The light coloured mayonnaise makes a great contrast on their bodies.
Dee applies it as sun cream!
They massage it into each other with ‘A mayonnaise and tomato massage’ says Mrs. CC.

Stream 4 – runs 9 mins 26 secs
They continue to smear the mayonnaise over each other and Dee straddles Mrs. CC to give ‘A nice messy massage’.
Suddenly, Mr. CC returns.
He is shocked that they have used up most of the mess.
Mr. CC gets stuck in throwing custard over Dee.
Dee splats Mr. CC fully in the face with a rather energetically thrown custard flan!
Mr. CC gives her a custard flan back to her head.
A frantic flan fight follows. Mr. CC drags his wife onto the floor to flan her.
Dee gets a rice pudding flan on her bum.
The action becomes more frantic with mess everywhere.
Mrs. CC becomes the target and is thoroughly messed up!
‘This is just glorious’, says Mrs. CC.
Mr. CC removes his wife’s knickers.
‘Come on Dee’, says Mr. CC, ‘Get her totally messy!’
Mrs. CC lies back reveling in the mess.
Mr. CC gets both girls lying down then sets about them with tomato soup – see CLIP 4.

Mr. CC is enjoying himself caressing both ladies.
Dee complains that Mrs. CC has more tomato soup on her, so Mr. CC sends two tins over the complaining Dee!

Stream 5 – runs 9 mins 17 secs
More tomato soup is splattered over the girls.
Mr. CC makes them turn over to expose their bums.
That prompts him to remove Dee’s knickers.
Both CC pour soup over the reclining Dee.
‘Oh yes! Very nice and cooling…..and very messy’, says Dee.
Mrs. CC does not escape the messy tomato soup treatment.
Mr. CC removes his shirt and the girls splay him with tomato soup, before Dee delivers an emphatic facial hit!
Mr. CC has to roll over to receive rice pudding over his back.
Mrs. CC rubs the rice pudding into his back with her boobs.
Mr. CC’s trousers are removed to reveal clean legs.
Chocolate topping syrup is sprayed over his legs.
Mr. CC rubs syrup over Dee.
‘There is only one way to finish off this picnic’, says Mr. CC.
The gateaux are ready!
The first is rubbed into Dee’s face and boobs by Mr. CC.
Then it is Mrs. CC’s turn – see the emphatic splat by Dee to Mrs. CC’s face in Clip 5.
Cake is then thrown about.
The trio end up totally splattered and messy.
‘We make one big messy cake,’ says Mrs. CC.
She is right about that!
Phew! What a messy picnic!
But what a great time was enjoyed by each of the trio.

MOVIE WSM192/CC72 has 5 HD Streams running 53 mins 04 secs.

IMAGE SET S379 has 34 shots.
This set was shot from two cameras:
My own with 389 shots
The farmer who shot 432.
But the farmer’s shots have a blue tinge.
So the set needs modifying.
This set will be sorted out before the end of the year.
We will write to all Download purchasers to ask if you want the revised image set put into your Verotel account.
Meanwhile, we show you 5 sample images from this set.

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Image Set S379

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