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Mai is painted by the Phantom

Run-time 11 mins 37 sec

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

1 Sample Clip in HD
1 Stream in HD

The last time the Phantom and Mai got together in our studio, this is what we wrote!
‘Has Mai found her messy lover?’ Of course we were referring to the Phantom.
One correspondent wrote ‘Please tell me there was a XXX sequel!’
There was not, mainly because of a misunderstanding as both Mai and the Phantom were waiting for the other to make the first move!
But movie WSM230 is a normal movie.
Mai is a mature Thai lady.
She begins by showing us her outfit.
She tells us ‘I have my special friend who will splosh me. I wonder what will happen?’
Her special friend is the Phantom. He sprays paint over Mai and her outfit.
He paints her very successfully and she enjoys the experience – see CLIP 1

Lifting her skirt seems to improve the Phantom’s aim.
Then it is on to the yellow paint as the 35mm camera chattered away.
Next, it is white paint, followed by red.
Her sexy bum is targeted by the red paint!
The Phantom cuts her dress away!
Mai is rather astonished but looks great covered in the paint.
Now, the yellow paint is introduced.
Finally, some black paint ends the sploshing before the Phantom moves into a close clinch with Mai as the movie moves towards the XXX.

The problem with naming a shoot date outdoors, is that you have to go with what weather there is!
Add in only one person to shoot both movie and 35mm and a shoot has its limitations.
We end up with 133 images of this shoot in image set S428.
We show you 5 sample shots so you can assess the action.

Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

The action now moves to movie XXX058 (see review below).
But if you purchase movie XXX058 it will include both this normal movie WSM230 plus the XXX Stream.
And this applies to the images as well.

MOVIE WSM230 has 1 HD Stream running 11 mins 37 sec.

Image Set S428

No of Images 133  

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