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Mr. Nasty meets the Dominatrix

Run-time 50 mins 32 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

5 Sample Clips in HD
5 Streams in HD

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 29 secs
This is a nice variant on couple play.
With a 50 minute movie shot using 3 cameras, what a sploshing treat this is!
Mr. Nasty visits the dominatrix.
They dispute over who starts the sploshing.
Mr. Nasty insists he is the boss, so he starts things off.
Ava, the dom flicks yogurt on Mr. Nasty.
He retaliates just as Mr. Nasty does – seeCLIP 1.
Mr. Nasty sploshes her up and enjoys rubbing the yogurts into her outfit, including her long boots.
There is constant repartee between them.
Ava struggles to be submissive (she is a genuine dom!).
Mr. Nasty undoes the back of her outfit, then makes her kneel.
The cold yogurt down her back produces yells from Ava.
Mr. Nasty enjoys seeing this yogurt run down inside the back of her outfit and over her pert bum.
He ends this Stream by pouring a yogurt over her head!

Stream 2 runs 9 mins 10 secs
With Ava still on her knees, Mr. Nasty introduces custard.
He coats her shoulders and boobs before pouring the custard over her head – seeCLIP2.
Mr. Nasty is over confident and tries to bluff Ava that no girl has sploshed him.
He continues to splosh her with custard.
Sploshing her neck with custard makes her yell!
He seizes her pigtail and thinks what nasty things he can do!
Ava stands up as he writes his name on her outfit.
He takes her top down (and we see why Ava will be our next busty girl to face the Phantom in FOOD 12 movie).
Her outfit is removed leaving Ava clad in black wetlook thong knickers and PVC thigh boots.
‘You are far too clean’, says Mr. Nasty as he admires her statuesque figure.
He makes a yogurt bra for her.
Next, he covers her arms in the yogurt, then slips some inside her tiny thong, pressing it home!
He continues to splosh her with the yogurt.
But in their banter, Mr. Nasty slips up and reveals that there is a Mrs. Nasty (Axajay!).
Ava plays her cards well insisting that Mr. Nasty is misbehaving, unknown to his wife!
She is indignant and seeks revenge on him.

Stream 3 runs 10 mins 31 secs
Mr. Nasty tries to take another yogurt to splosh Ava with.
But she is wise to him now telling him that Axa does not know he is paying for this messy shoot.
She admonishes him – seeCLIP 3.
Then Mr. Nasty makes a fatal slip by saying ‘Come on’.
And Ava does with a carton of yogurt over him.
Mr. Nasty finds himself on the receiving end now.
Soon he is on his knees.
He has to lick her boot.
She sploshes him with custard.
Next, his shirt is off and custard goes down his back.
Then custard goes down his pants (and Ava uses her boot to rub the custard in).
Ava tops him off with custard over his head.
Mr. Nasty is stripped down to his underpants.
Ava continues to custard splosh him.
Custard goes down his underpants, both back and front.
He ends this Stream fully custard sploshed.

Stream 4 runs 9 mins 14 secs
Ava removes her boots and thong.
With her on all fours, Mr. Nasty pours custard down her back and bum.
‘This is how Mr. Nasty likes his girls, naked, kneeling in front of him’, he says.
He gets on his knees.
‘I think we should play – nasty play’, says Ava.
So they sit on the floor and splosh one another with cartons of custard.
This is very messy couple play.
It develops into a food fight using the slops from the floor.
They are both battling for control.
Mr. Nasty is determined to show his experience, but he gets a couple of messy facials - seeCLIP4.
Kneeling up, Ava gets a Yazoo strawberry milk poured down her front – this has a cleansing effect.
The balance of the drink is poured down her back.
Ava gets another Yahoo for her to wash Mr. Nasty down, front and back.
‘Let’s finish off our treats shall we?’ asks Ava as we head towards the final Stream 5.

Stream 5 runs 12 mins 08 secs
The final treats are shared together.
Commencing with strawberry syrup, Mr. Nasty lies on his back while Ava covers him with the strawberry syrup.
He pulls her on top of him then drizzles the strawberry syrup over her back.
Ava lies back as Mr. Nasty expresses his artistic streak over her boobs – seeCLIP5.
Then he syrups up her pussy followed by her back and bum, both with revealing close-ups.
Mr. Nasty licks her syrupy toes.
Ava has one final strawberry syrup which she applies inside Mr. Nasty’s underpants, before she makes him some boobies.
Mr. Nasty gets carried away with his fantasies and he wants Axajay to join with Ava next time.
Then, a shoot-out together with tomato sauce.
Ava urges Mr. Nasty to ‘Do your worst!’
They end streaked in tomato sauce.
They have a final play on the floor with a messy wrestle and splosh up.
Mr. Nasty has had his fun! (but got somewhat more than he expected!)
So will Ava and Axajay meet up for a splosh out?
Time will tell.

IMAGE SET S455 has 283 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
These are all 35mm shots.
This is a truly magnificent collection of images that make WSM such fabulous value for money.
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Image Set S455

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