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Mrs. CC in Slippy Fun

Run-time 19 mins 53 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

‘Mrs. CC in Slippy Fun’ Movie CC107 Run-time 19 mins 53 secs 2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips – offered in both MP4 and WMV formats

Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) spills oil on her pretty blouse.
She thought it was water in her jug but it is oil.
We see her cross her garden to find the offending container.
She pours the container into the jug suspecting that it is oil, then discovers it is indeed oil.
The idea of pouring it down herself takes over and soon she is enjoying the oily experience.
Shot in bright sunshine this looks great as she spreads the oil over her blouse and trousers.
She decides to get more comfortable on her sunbed where she can really mess herself up!
Standing alongside the lounger, she continues to oil up her blouse and pants.
‘This really is nice and slippy,’ she says.
Then she pours the clear oil down her back and over her bum.
It runs right down her legs and into her shoes.
She rubs it in to her clothes.
She continues to oil up her clothes.
Sitting herself in a white plastic chair she gives herself a further oil sluicing.
She empties the jug with plenty of oil running down her blouse and her tight pants – see Clip 1.

Next, she pulls her blouse down so she can oil up her black bra.
Then she kneels up on the chair to give us very special oily bum shots with her tiny thong very visible.
Finally, she sits back down on the oily chair and squirms her bum and legs in the oil.
Stream 1 runs 10 mins 37 secs

A surprise as this 2nd Stream commences with music due to severe noises at this location.
Mrs. CC spreads oil over her sun lounger before kneeling up to rub it into the blue mattress.
Then she lies down in the oil and rolls about.
She then applies more oil directly over her clothes.
The music ceases after 2 mins 20 secs and we revert to live sound.
Next, the oil is poured over her hair.
At 3 mins 10 secs Mrs. CC removes her blouse.
Sitting on the sun lounger she faces the camera to pour more oil over herself.
Her disco trousers are totally oiled up, so she removes them.
Being Mrs. CC she wears stockings under her trousers.
She puts her oily shoes back on, then lifting her long legs she pours oil over them and onto her tiny black thong, then her black bra.
She has an oily squirm around the lounger before the music kicks in for a further and final 50 seconds.
Then Mrs. CC writhes around the sun lounger.
She removes her bra and we see some oil poured over her boobs – see CLIP 2.

She stands up to pull up her little knickers.
Then the final oil is poured over her bum as she stands in front of the camera.
Mrs. CC stands caressing herself before sitting to say her goodbye.
But we do hear the noisy sound that was responsible for having to cover 3 mins 10 secs of music to this Stream.
Stream 2 runs 9 mins 16 secs

In addition to the 20 minute movie there are 105 shots in image set S422.
The images are enhanced full screen shots.
Clad in those tight, shiny, spandex disco pants Mrs. CC looks a shiny, slithery delight.
We show you 5 sample images from set S422.

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Image Set S422

No of Images 105  

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