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Honour May becomes a honey girl

Run-time 25 mins 00 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Stream 1 runs 8 mins 48 secs
Honour May is full of chat and talks us through this 1st Stream.
She wears a tight fitting black sleeveless mini dress with a leather look brief skirt, black stockings, suspender belt and panties…….not forgetting her ultra high heels!
She pours honey over her outfit.
We see dress, stocking and shoe shots as the honey runs over them.
Honour loves her shiny dress which has become so sticky and makes crinkly sounds.
She removes her heels and enjoys squirming in the pool of honey on the floor.
She pours honey over herself, then down her stockings and gives us a wonderful close up as she pours it down her panties – see CLIP 1.
And all the time she gives us a running commentary on what she is doing and how she feels.

Stream 2 runs 7 mins 56 secs
Next, Honour treats her hair with the honey.
Once again she chats about the experience.
Her outfit is so shiny and she says it is one of her favourite messy substances – see CLIP 2.

She collects honey from the floor to let it run over her head and hair.
Mid-way through the movie she removes her dress.
She peels it away.
Her boobs are very sticky and Honour enjoys playing with them!
She pours a bottle of honey over her boobs.
Again, there are some delicious close-up shots.
Then we have more sticky tits play.
She tells us her arse is her best asset and she cannot wait to pour it over her luscious, spankable arse!
Great close-up shots make this even more fascinating.
And Honour continues to chat on to us.
“Look at that for a view – just golden, shiny, sticky!”

Stream 3 – runs 8 mins 16 secs
Honour sits in a pool of honey which has gathered on the floor.
Excellent close-ups again!
“Look how shiny I am”, says Honour, “my stockings just gleaming!”
She rubs more honey over her legs, boobs and cheeks – see CLIP 3.

One more ‘pot’ of honey remains.
Honour removes her panties.
She sits back playing with her pussy before covering it with the final bottle of honey.
The experience is quite a turn-on for her.
Some further unbelievable close-ups as Honour chats to us about her urges.
She smothers honey over herself before finally concentrating on her pussy to “cum in all this honey (no need for acting here!)
Covered in honey, she needs washing-off.
So we have a 3 minute BONUS SCENE of Honour’s wash-off shot with a hand held camera.
Besides washing herself what else does Honour do?
You guessed it……..she chats away.
A first class memorable shoot!

In addition there are 167 enhanced (full screen) images.
Whether you like Honour’s honeyed clothes, her stockings, her panties, her heels, her hair, her face, her boobs, her arse or her pussy…….all the shots are there!
There are some remarkable detailed close-up shots towards the end of the shoot that leave nothing to the imagination.
See if the honey coated Honour May appeals to you as we show 5 sample shots.

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Image Set S465

No of Images 167  

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