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Custard Couple in Messy Xmas Angel with naughty Elf

Run-time 22 mins 54 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Sample Clips in MP4
2 HD Streams in MP4

As this is a joint production with WSM, movie WSM281 and identical movie CC202have WSM filming, so allowing CC to express themselves as a Couple.
And did they get carried away?
It is pretty outrageous stuff at times and skirts the border of XXX material.
But great comic OTT fun by a couple devoted to their WAM enjoyment.

Stream 1 runs 11 mins 43 secs
The Xmas Angel is upset with all the mess in the kitchen.
She calls the Elf for help.
He is confused and does not know where to put the sploshy mess.
The Elf decides it is a great opportunity for some fun.
Our Angel protests as the Elf lets himself go.
“Come and join me in all this lovely mess” he implores our Angel.
She is most concerned.
But the Elf tells her to use her wand to get them cleaned afterwards. – see CLIP 1.

So it is all systems go.
“This is fun!” our Angel says.
And so the food flows…..over them both.
“A fairy never shows her knickers” says our flummoxed Angel.
“She does to this naughty Elf!” he says.
“Let’s get really messy”, he chortles, dancing around the Angel who is struggling to get the top off a bottle. Meanwhile our Elf dowses her in chocolate milk.
He receives a custard pie in the face followed by tomato soup then the inevitable custard (well it is a CC movie!) as our Angel grows bolder.
A spraying with salad cream ends his messy session.
Both the Angel and the Elf are well sploshed by now.
Then it is the Elf’s turn to dish out the sploshing.
Our Angel spins round while custard is squirted over her.
Then a big mistake as our angelic Angel takes a chocolate gateau and flings some handfuls over the Elf. But our alert Elf has spied another chocolate gateau.
He lifts it in its entirety from the packaging, then with his hand holding our Angel’s head, he pushes a full chocolate gateau in her pretty face!
As he says…..”I’m definitely smiling!”
He is as he rubs the chocolaty gateau around her face!
Our Angel’s reactions surprise us as she thinks it is an amazing experience!
“You got your chocolate early for Xmas Angel”, our Elf tells her.
Our adventurous Elf next removes her dress.
This shocks our Angel who has not been without her angel dress before!
“This is really naughty of me on Xmas Eve”, she says.
Our wily Elf tells her she looks much better in her bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings.
He fills her bra with custard and we have our first ‘licky/licky’ session!
Our Elf is leading our Angel very astray as he pours custard over her nipples!
He regales her with tales as he pulls out her panties to pour in the custard!
He urges her to pull her panties tight.
They repeat this.
The naughty Elf becomes bolder and starts to caress her clit.
And still the custard flows.
Our Elf offers her further services!!
Where will this end??

Stream 2 runs 11 mins 11 secs
Commences as more custard goes over our now relaxed messy Angel.
She tells our Elf that she is feeling really naughty now and invites some custard down the back of her knickers.
But our Elf wishes to tickle his fancy first and pours custard down inside his trousers!
“You are a naughty Elf aren’t you?” says our Angel.
She reaches inside his pants!
As our Angel bends forward, a bottle of chocolate flavoured milk flows over her back and bum.
Our Elf has enjoyed that and reaches for another flavoured milk.
“What a Xmas treat you are!” he states (we all agree with that!) as he dowses her further with another carton of custard.
“Followed by blueberry milk”, he says as twirling our Angel around, a river of blue milk flows over her head and body, much to our Elf’s enjoyment!
Next, a can of squirty cream each.
Battle is commenced and our Angel comes a poor 2nd.
Holding the can vertical is the trick, and so they are ‘snow covered’.
Then our Angel goes back to basics with a can of tomato soup over her Elf (followed by 2 further cans)
Then our old favourite with chocolate Frijj milkshake.
Our Elf invites some chocolate Frijj milk all down his bum.
He is tempting our Angel to spank him!
After more foodstuffs she slaps his bum mildly.
“Now it’s my turn”, says an excited Elf.
He bends our Angel over and gives her bum some smacks before removing her boobs from her bra – see CLIP 2.
They dowse each other in tomato soup saying “Happy Xmas”.
Realizing their messy state, Our Angel finds her wand to cleanse the area.
But the wand fails to work!
What the wand does trigger is an even naughtier miniature tuneful Elf, who has his own unique style!

(Not bad for £10 from ASDA……and the word spread like wildfire among the check-out ladies!)
Our miniature Elf finishes his song and our concerned very messy Angel bemoans that her wand has failed to work!
But our miniature Elf has given our Angel and Elf the idea they sought!
“A bit of licky licky!”
And so our Angel lowers and removes her knickers.
Our Elf tells her that on Xmas Eve ‘licky licky’ is his speciality.
He uses some squirty cream to good advantage before some finger frigging fun!
Our Angel tells him he is “Ringing her bell!”
So how does this finish?
I hope you noticed the very big Xmas cracker that hung on the wall.
So together they pull the cracker and both get presents.
Ho! Ho! Ho! (as our film editor hoarsely laughs at their antics!).

And a really, really special treat with 227 images in set S499.
These are enhanced (full screen) images and the colours of the mess resound against our background kitchen mural.
There are many great and memorable shots.
But see for yourself as we show you 6 sample shots from image set S499.

MOVIES WSM281 and CC202 have 2 HD Streams running 22 mins 54 secs and are only available as a Download.

IMAGE SET S499 has 227 shots

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Image Set S499

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