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Custard Couple in Wedding Vows Renewal

Run-time 43 mins 21 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

5 HD Sample Clips in MP4
5 HD Streams in MP4

Multi-Tasking here as Mike shoots the movie, takes images and conducts a respectful service as CC Renew their Wedding Vows.
But there are only two stars:Mr. Custard Couple and Mrs. Custard Couple.
Every couple develop their own style of Slapstick fun.
And every couple over the years develop their own sex fun!
Great Slapstick and sex fun from a mature couple at play!

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 27 secs
CC are celebrating 25 years of marriage.
They are at a secluded outdoor site bordering a small river.
Their renewal of wedding vows is conducted by the Vicar of WSM.
They are both dressed in their finest attire which adds spice knowing the Sploshing they will eventually mutually dish-out!
They drink a toast to their happy future – see CLIP 1.

The Rev asks a question everyone can answer!
We all know what makes their relationship tick!
Custard (and more custard).
So understandably the Vicar extols Mr. CC to ‘Splosh his Bride’ and Mrs. CC to Splosh her Groom’.
Then the Vicar of WSM dispenses 25 Blessings to our happy couple.
So what Blessings does he bestow? Custard Pies!
Mrs. CC tells us her dress looks much nicer now it is covered in custard pies!
Mr. CC takes advantage rubbing some pies over his Bride.
Then he displays her panties.
Mrs. CC tells us she wants to get a lot more messy than this, which is only the beginning.
The Vicar promises them a pool with custard.
Mr. CC enjoys his wife messed up by the custard pies.

Stream 2 runs 11 mins 22 secs
Commences as we see the pool plus a vast number of cartons of custard.
Mrs. CC starts by covering Mr. CC’s suit.
Then he puts custard over Mrs. CC’s dress.
Mr. CC tells us why he likes custard.
She hoists her dress so Mr. CC can custard splosh her panties.
He covers her knickered bum and pours custard inside her knickers too!
Mrs. CC hints at and receives a spanking on her custard covered knickered bum.
Next, Mrs. CC turns around and requests Mr. CC fill her knickers up (at the front) – see CLIP 2.

Somehow we all believe that here is a lady who is well used to having her knickers custard filled!
The over-filled knickers drip custard down her legs.
Mr. CC then custard coats her cleavage and covered boobs.
The custard runs down inside her dress and she shows us the results.
Mr. CC slips in his hand to caress her custardy tits.
He then gets his tongue into her cleavage.
Mrs. CC thinks Mr. CC is far too clean!
So she sploshes up his smart suit!
He has to turn round and bend over for a further custard sploshing.
Mr. CC gets custard down the front of his trousers and Mrs. CC wants to see the custard flowing out the bottom of his trousers over his ankles.
He then undoes his trousers so Mrs. CC can fill up his boxers.

Stream 3 runs8 mins 27 secs
Mr. CC helps his wife enter the pool (not any pool but our space ship paddling pool!).
A custard coated Mr. CC gives Mrs. CC a custard ‘breakfast’ which is followed by a ‘custard shower’ and a ‘custard shampoo’! – see CLIP 3.

She holds her dress out while Mr. CC custard sploshes her.
‘We need a lot more (custard)’ says Mr. CC.
He continues to custard splosh Mrs. CC ‘head to toe’.
She certainly gets totally custard sploshed.
Mr. CC is pulled into the pool so Mrs. CC can give him the custard treatment.
‘Let’s just cover each other’ says Mrs. CC. ‘This is what we like doing best’ she says.
This whole scene is a fantastic custard sploshing in an outdoor setting.
Mrs. CC’s dress is totally custard saturated.
But still Mr. CC continues his sploshing enjoying fondling her slippy dress (and contents).
Mrs. CC invites Mr. CC to lick her custard coated panties!
After a brief tonguing Mr. CC says ‘This lovely wedding dress has served its purpose and I need to explore you a whole lot more!’
So her dress is removed.
And Mr. CC removes his jacket.
‘Bring on the custard…..again’ says Mrs. CC.
The scene ends with Mrs. CC custard coating Mr. CC’s shirt.

Stream 4 runs9 mins 22 secs
Now things turn more intimate and sexy.
CC both kneel in the pool.
Mr. CC enjoys custard coating his wife who is now in her bra and panties.
He is unable to resist and frees her boobs from her bra.
‘Let’s get stuck-in’ he says producing yet another carton of custard.
Mrs. CC joins in the spirit and enjoys pouring custard over herself!
She lies back so she can stick her legs in the air and Mr. CC can custard coat her legs!
With her spread-eagled Mr. CC says ‘That is just pure custard ectasy!’
What a custard bath for Mrs. CC!
Some great action and pictures here with the gushing river in the background heightening the action.
Mr. CC has his trousers removed and his wife unbuttons his shirt.
She kneels up and her husband coats her back.
He lowers her panties and custard slicks her bum.
This is now very intimate play.
Mrs. CC lies back in the pool with her head to the camera.
Her pussy is custard coated then a remarkable sequence as Mr. CC tongues her pussy encouraged by his horny wife – see CLIP 4.

Unbelievably Mrs. CC wishes for even more custard and suddenly custard flies over them (I did say I multi-tasked!)
‘A dream has come true’ says Mrs. CC.
‘This is what we dreamt of’ she says.
‘Our 25th rolling around in custard.
Isn’t this heaven! Totally!’
Both for CC and us!

Stream 5 runs 4 mins 43 secs
A relatively small Stream to end as much of the action is in the XXX movie version.
A very custard coated couple readjust their positions in the pool.
With Mr. CC lying on his stomach Mrs. CC sits on his bare bum.
More custard is thrown over the couple.
Mrs. CC kneels and rubs her pussy up and down on Mr.CC’s bare bum.
Next, we have Mrs. CC lying on Mr. CC with her boobs overhanging.
Naturally Mr. CC tongues her tits.
They both have had a wonderful time.
They stand up in the wrecked pool for their farewells to us.
Mrs. CC spots some remaining custard.
They both empty their cartons over Mrs. CC – see CLIP 5.

What a way to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary!
They leave us very happy and very custard coated but obviously still in love with each other.
An exemplary WAM couple!

In addition image set S401 has 172 enhanced 35mm shots.
Dressed for the part to celebrate their 25th wedding Anniversary, CC both end up a total custard mess.
Our sample shots give you an excellent flavor of what messy action occurs.
Something here for every wammer!
But see for yourself as we show you 5 sample shots from image set S401.

MOVIES WSM213 and CC89 have 5 HD Streams running 43 mins 21 secs and are only available as a Download.

IMAGE SET S401 has 172 shots

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Image Set S401

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