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Mrs. CC in Mud Slut 16 - Muddy Swam

Run-time 14 mins 43 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Sample Clips plus 2 HD Streams in mp4

Stream 1 runs 8 mins 01 secs
Mr. CC is absent from this shoot but Mrs. CC is determined to enjoy her muddy play.
She does chat along to us throughout the movie.
We admire her outfit and her pristine white skirt as she dabs two muddy hands on her bum.
We give you a fantastic Clip as a clean Mrs. CC falls backwards into the mud.
She rolls over and over before lying on her back kicking the mud.
Just listen to what she says – see CLIP 1.

She asks us “Who likes mud any better than me? Not many! I love it!”
She gets up to parade her muddied outfit.
Then she takes a forward dive into the mud.
She squirms about telling us “This is a real lovely swamp!”
She flails about with those long, long legs.
She rubs the mud over her legs before squirming about further in the slicked-up mud.
She slops the mud over her front while kneeling.
She undoes then removes her jacket.
Now less restricted she takes another muddy rollabout.
Note some delicious gloopey mud sounds here at 04-37 onwards.
She hoists her skirt to splatter mud on her bum, then kneeling she slops up her front.
Another dive forward produces laughs from her.
Then she sets herself for a controlled dive into the mud (at 5-35).
Splat she goes!
She enjoys the wallow lying on her stomach.
Then she lies back to splay her legs before taking another muddy roll.
She finds her skirt restricting so she removes it.
She loses a shoe along the way and has to sit in the mud to refasten it.
A fine muddy vision as she arises from the mud and wrings out her wet and muddy skirt over herself.
She plods about deciding what next as her feet are sticking .
She plunges down and removes that misbehaving shoe.
Quishing her legs in the mud leads to her saying “Look how gorgeous it is to mess about in!”
And mess she does, with a final rollabout before she unbuttons and removes her blouse.

Stream 2 runs 6 mins 42 secs
Lying in a muddy pool clad in bra, knickers, garter belt and stockings (plus one shoe), Mrs. CC kneels up to splosh mud over her front.
She stands up and plods about to display herself.
Then another plunge into a muddy pool with more gloopey sounds as she writhes about – see CLIP 2.
>>>>> SEE CLIP

Mrs. CC dips her face into the muddy pool before showing us the results.
She crawls about before finding firmer land.
She squirms in this area before rubbing mud over her body.
She sits to continue and gathers the mud between her legs.
She builds a mud pack over her legs then up her body to her bra and neck.
Mrs. CC tries to be fully mud covered except for her head.
Then she gets up for another walkabout.
Sitting on her ruined jacket she expresses her horniness with all that lovely mud.
But then a momentary realization as she is impeded by her bra.
The bra is removed followed by some mud slicking of her boobs.
But her left hand is already being urged to satisfy her urging clit.
She rubs lustily away before both hands are employed.
She becomes more frantic before bringing herself off to a very satisfying climax.
Then another plunge into a muddy pool before kneeling up to wish us goodbye.
Mr. CC may have missed out, but we certainly did not!

Image set M239 is one of the most remarkable image sets we have produced.
From a movie of less than 15 minutes 256 images gush forth.
So quite a remarkable mud image set.
As I indicated above, Mrs. CC did realize she had kept her bra on far too long.
So there is a bonus set after the movie end.
This is of 25 all topless shots of the muddied Mrs. CC.
So much to enjoy!
We show you 7 sample shots from image set M239.

MOVIE CC128 has 2 HD Streams running 14 mins 43 secs and is only available as a Download for two years.

IMAGE SET M239 has 281 shots and is only available as part of the Download.

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Image Set M239

No of Images 281  

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