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Mrs.CC Sploshed and Humiliated in her Summerhouse

Run-time 47 mins 23 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

5 HD Streams plus 5 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Stream 1 runs 12 mins 36 secs
‘How grossly gorgeous are they?’ asks Mrs. CC as she pulls a pair of treacly knickers from a tin of black treacle!
She is surrounded by pairs of panties and she called this movie ‘Pantie Heaven!’
She shows off her seamed black stockings to Mr. CC.
She licks and sucks the treacle from her messily soaked knickers.
She puts these treacly knickers over her head and around her neck.
Mrs. CC then puts on the 2nd pair of treacly knickers which are ‘plastered’, encouraged by Mr. CC.
She is now wearing 3 pairs of panties.
Pulling her knickers open, Mrs. CC pours treacle into her knickers.
‘Fill those panties up!’ urges Mr. CC. ‘What a dirty messy slut you are!’ he says.
Mrs. CC shows us her treacle filled knickers.
Taking a 3rd treacly pair of panties, she steps into them…….making 4 pairs of knickers being worn!
She pours treacle over her knickered bum.
Next, she picks up a plateful of chocolate éclair cakes.
She rubs a large éclair over her treacle coated knickered clitty – see CLIP 1.
Then she rubs the éclair cream over her knickers before dropping the creamy éclair inside her knickers.
‘Fill it right up – you bitch’, says Mr. CC.
She squashes more in.
‘What a disgusting mess!’ says Mr. CC.
Kneeling down she forces eclairs into the back of her knickers, rubbing them in well.
She rubs meringue gateau over her bum and into her knickers, with a quick rub over her face and hair.
A cherry gateau is rubbed over herself ending with a pair of panties pulled over her head and face.
She adds a further pair of panties tight over her face before smothering the gateau over her head, face and boobs.
So rather unusual messy action!...but this is only the 1st Stream!

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Stream 2 runs 8 mins 41 secs
A rather messy Mrs. CC kneels obediently.
‘What I need now is for someone to cum all over my face’, she says.
Mr. CC duly obliges with some great cum shots.
Mrs. CC sucks his cock through her pulled down knickers.
‘You dirty bitch’, says Mr. CC. ‘Continue to mess up’ he orders.
Mrs. CC gathers together her knickers.
Then more mess as she pours a bowl of custard over her head – see CLIP 2.
She rubs the custard in then removes two pair of knickers she was wearing.
She rubs the gunge over her remaining knickers to fill them all up.
Then she pulls on a further pair of knickers before stuffing knickers within the knickers she wears.
She rubs a very brief thong into the spilt floor custard before putting that thong into her mouth.
She sucks further messy knickers and plays with many pairs, sucking and spitting away the mess.
She swishes the mess all over herself before squeezing out the gunge filled knickers.
Taking a further fruit meringue, she crumbles it before spreading some on herself.
Taking another treacly pair of knickers from the tin of treacle, she lowers them into her mouth to lick. ‘The Angel Delight looks fun’, she says.
‘Why don’t you stick your head right in it’, says Mr. CC.
Mrs. CC plunges her knickered head into the Strawberry Angel Delight then rubs it over her face and the knickers on her head.

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Stream 3 runs 8 mins 46 secs
‘Is that covered enough on my head? Asks Mrs.CC raising her face from the Strawberry Angel Delight.
Mr. CC pushes her head back into the bowl saying ‘Have some of that!’
Mrs. CC pulls over a bowl of Chocolate Angel Delight.
‘I’m going to stuff your face in that, you bitch!’ says Mr.CC.
Once again he pushes her head into the large bowl, then Mr. CC pushes her alternatively into the Strawberry and Chocolate bowls.
Mrs. CC puts another pair of messy panties over her head and then rubs the Angel Delight into herself.
She removes some knickers from her head and neck.
She finishes the carton of custard squeezing it over herself.
She continues to play with her knickers and puts 3 further pair very tightly over her head.
‘What a disgusting slutty mess you are!’ says Mr. CC, ‘just as you like it!’
‘This is definitely your favourite fantasy’ says Mr. CC.
‘I love….love….knickers’, says Mrs. CC.
She pulls the knickers down from her head to around her neck.
Mrs. CC is now fully covered in gunge and is a total sloppy mess!
She kneels up to show us her arse.
She pulls her knickers tight up her arse – see CLIP 3!
Then she stuffs more knickers down her panties before pulling them out and caressing her messy self.
Mrs. CC rips her skirt away.
She removes another pair of knickers she was wearing but she still wears 3 pairs.

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Stream 4 runs11 mins 09 secs
Mrs. CC fills her panties with more of the gungey mess.
She lies back to caress herself pulling the knickers tight up the crack of her bum!
She pulls out the knickers she stuffed into her panties.
‘Does that turn you on having knickers shoved up my fanny?’ she asks Mr. CC.
She writhes about in the mess.
‘All those lovely gunged knickers everywhere’, she says.
She continues to push knickers into her fanny then caresses her body with the slick mess.
She removes her boobs from her top.
With both hands she stimulates her clit.
Her hands rub her knickers vigorously as the aroused Mrs. CC starts to get it on.
She is excited by the spunk and piss on the gungey floor.
She rips her stockings.
Sitting up against the summerhouse wall Mrs. CC caresses herself strongly, then frigs her pussy hard.
She spits into her knickers to turn on Mr. CC.
As she frigs away Mr. CC calls her ‘a dirty fucking slut!’
‘You love it’, says Mrs. CC.
‘Yes I do’, responds Mr. CC.
So Mrs. CC is enjoying being humiliated for Mr. CC’s pleasure.
They continue to exchange dirty comments.
Mrs. CC lies on her back and vigorously stimulates her clit.
‘I just love all this mess’, she says, ‘all this great gunge everywhere!’
‘Oh yeah’, says Mr. CC.
‘Do you want me to cum?’ she asks Mr. CC.
‘Yeah’ he says as he urges her along with dirty talk.
Mrs. CC cums and totally enjoys it!
She shows off her pink clitty.
‘Right, you dirty slut, I think we need to try and wash this out’, says Mr. CC.
Mrs. CC is loathe to stop.
But Mr. CC tells her ‘to undo her hair and rub it all in there’ – see CLIP 4!
‘Get your hair in this dirty mess’, he commands her.
‘Rub it all in like the good little slut you are!’ he says.
Mrs. CC sits up with her hair all gunged up!
‘And what do dirty sluts need now? asks Mr. CC.
‘A wash’, he says.

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Stream 5 runs6 mins 11 secs
Now it is time for Mrs. CC to cool down and get washed off.
Again Mr. CC dominates.
We see her get hosed down and she lies on the patio becoming ever cleaner.
Mrs. CC takes her boobs out for her final washing – see CLIP 5!
Wow! This is horny erotic couple fun with a twist!
Great sexy fun giving us voyeurs a remarkable insight to their messy games!

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In addition there are 122 images of this shoot in image set S332.
All images have been enhanced (to full screen).
Some fantastic sploshy and sexy action!
What a horny pair CC are!
And once again their huge desire for mess and sex play shine out from these image shots.
And we have a great humiliation shot which I see as pic number 71.
See if you agree if you purchase this download. (no, it is not available as a sample shot).
We show 5 sample shots from image set S332.

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