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Kay and Gary Gunge in ‘Gym Messy Sex’ Movie

Run-time 21 mins 01 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

Movie offered in HD 501 Mb and SD (Standard definition) 192 Mb

2 WMV Sample Clips – these are from the start and the end of the movie – they are raunchy but not explicit

This is a continuation from normal movie WSM187 of energy drink training.

Stream 1
Gary Gunge introduces a new product in the form of yogurt, which is suitable to treat special areas. Gary starts by pouring it over Kay’s bare pussy.
But the product needs to be exercised……so Gary licks her pussy.
Next, he pours the yogurt over Kay’s tits.
This needs activating which Gary does with fondling and tonguing!
Kay has a go, flipping Gary on his back and removing his shorts!

She quickly gets the hang to activate then pour while covering him with yogurt.
Kay then attends to his limp cock…….then complains that it has not been activated!
Gary tells her ‘You can’t have stirred it properly!’
Kay dismisses this. ‘Never mind your product, I know something that will make him go nice and hard – a little human contact!’
For the next 2 mins 28 secs Kay gives him a good cock sucking.
Some of the above has intentionally been quite amusing, none more so than the noise from a nearby toilet hand dryer which makes it look like Kay is vacuum sucking Gary!

Stream 2
Starts with a 69 with good pics at either end!
Then we have reverse cowboy/reverse cowgirl with sloppy, yogurty bodies.
Next we have forward cowboy/normal cowgirl and Kay starts to get rather excited with the messy sex fun.
Gary has been describing the exercise the above positions give.
Next is doggy which runs almost 2 minutes.
Gary gets vigorous and Kay gets noisier and more aroused.
With Kay on her back with her feet in the air, Gary pounds away for almost 3 mins.
Eventually Gary hammers away and a very noisy Kay is brought to a climax.
How does it end? Clip 2 above shows how!
There is no doubt that messy, slippery sex is very, very good FUN!

MOVIE XXX018 has two streams:
Stream 1 runs 11 mins 06 sec
Stream 2 runs 9 mins 55 secs

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