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Anne France – Slapstick Audition with Professor Treacle

Run-time 32 mins 04 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

WMV 2 Sample Clips – not explicit
WMV 3 Streams

This movie has 3 Streams but only the 3rd Stream has XXX material.
Take a mature experienced model.
She reacts with some amazement and concern as our madcap Professor Treacle shows her what he expects in one of his Slapstick movies.
This is Laurel and Hardy style fun expressed by male and female as messy couple entertainment - plus 74 image shots.
But Professor Treacle remains a master of surprises!

Stream 1
Glamorous blonde Anne France arrives for a movie audition with Professor Treacle.
She tells him of her previous experience in glamour and boy/girl XXX work.
The Prof explains that in this movie there is food involved.
Anne is unable to understand what he is on about.
Showing her a cherry pie, he urges her to smear it on his shirt.
Then he asks her to put custard on his trousers.
After some tentative efforts, Anne catches on quick.
‘What happens next?’ she enquires.
‘The bloke does it to you’ responds the Prof.
Whoosh! Cherry pie is applied to her boobs (ruining her top), followed by custard.
‘What about my clothes!’ yells Anne.
‘Oh! You don’t want to worry about your clothes, you want to worry about your hair’ says the Prof who proceeds to smash a cluster of eggs over her head/hair.
Anne is very annoyed!
‘How would you like it if I did it to you?’ she asks.
‘I wouldn’t mind’ says the Prof.
So she puts eggs on his head and cherry pie over his shirt.
The Prof retaliates with more cherry pie over her boobs, then golden syrup over her head!
‘What a mess!’ a shocked Anne exclaims.
Golden syrup goes over the Prof’s head.
The wily Prof lifts her skirt and rubs beans into her bum, followed by beans over her hair!
Anne puts custard on the Prof’s head and chest.
‘Come on! I’m ready for it!’ she says.
So the Prof lifts her skirt and puts beans into her knickers!
Anne is not idle as the Prof gets more cherries on his shirt and face!
‘It is time for the custard treatment’, says the Prof as he rubs her legs with custard.
Anne reacts to the custard prompt by rubbing some cherry pie into his hair then emptying a tin of custard down his trousers – see CLIP 1.
The Prof smears her face with custard and provokes Anne into doing the same to him.
A tin of black treacle is poured over Anne’s head.
The Prof presses home the treacle attack by lifting her skirt to give her bum the treacle treatment.
Annoyed, Anne rubs cherry pie in his face, while the Prof empties more beans over her head!
The 1st Stream finishes as Anne cracks eggs over the Prof’s head!
So Stream 1 ends after over 11 minutes of frantic slapstick action!

Stream 2
Commences with the Prof lifting her top to expose bra covered boobs.
He fills her bra with custard and massages her boobs, which she enjoys.
Next, it is golden syrup over her boobs, then the Prof lifts her skirt and rubs the syrup into and down her knickers, sleeking and shining her stockinged legs.
A tin of custard is poured into her knickers and lifting the back of her top, he pours custard down her back.
They fondle each other laughing as Anne says ‘This is great fun! – see CLIP 2
To get down to some real tit for tat, the Prof removes her boobs from her bra, giving them a coat of custard, as he licks away!
Anne undoes his shirt, ripping it away.
A further cluster of eggs are deposited on Anne’s head.
The Prof pulls her knickers open for an inspection.
Anne removes his trousers and empties a tin of custard down his boxers.
The Prof in true tit-for-tat mode empties another tin of custard over her head, then on her freed boobs!
He pulls her to the floor and adds more custard over her knickers.
Next, he adds custard over her shoes, before shining her legs with golden syrup!
Anne pours custard over the Prof’s head and laughs away.
‘It’s so much fun isn’t it!’ she giggles!
The action becomes steamier as the Prof adds chocolate sauce to her boobs and head.
Stream 2 runs 8 mins 42 secs

Stream 3
Anne kneels while the Prof spreads custard over her bum.
He undoes her bra.
The Prof asks ‘What are you going to do now?
Anne gets right to the point:
‘How about some fucking and some sucking’ she replies!
With that she pulls his boxer shorts down and sucks away at his cock!
The opportunist Prof dribbles custard over his cock and her face!
Next, it is syrup over the cock , followed by chocolate sauce.
Anne enjoys the chocolate cock.
Then custard is applied, blinding Anne, who sucks lustily on.
With Anne standing, the Prof lowers her knickers and rubs in chocolate sauce.
He goes to lick her but is deluged with custard by Anne who has the measure of him now.
‘You weren’t expecting that!’ Anne says.
‘I’m all for the unexpected’, the Prof replies.
Anne is still fully clothed except for her bra and knickers.
She looks a wonderful messy sight as they exchange eggs.
The Prof massages the floor slops over her legs, while Anne empties a tin of custard down his back.
This is superb messy couple play, but Anne wants even more!
‘And when are we going to do this fucking?’ she asks.
The Prof enters her doggie style.
Next, he sits on the chair pouring chocolate sauce on his cock!
Sitting on his cock, Anne quickly makes it disappear!
They jink up and down enjoying themselves.
Then we have more doggie but from a better camera position.
The Prof is unable to resist pouring another can of custard over her bum as he chugs away to eventually cum.
Anne thought the whole XXX scene was great fun.
But the Prof always has to have the last action.
He retrieves that large cherry pie and rubs it with great satisfaction in Anne’s face!
Stream 3 runs 11 mins 51 secs

And that was just the Slapstick movie audition?
What will the actual movie be like?
Look out for movie XXX025 for the final XXX slapstick showdown between the Prof and Anne!

MOVIE XXX023 has 3 Streams running 32 mins 04 secs.
There are 74 shots of the action in IMAGE SET S096XXX
We show you 5 sample images from this set.

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Image Set S096XXX

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