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Bring on the Treacle

Run-time 37 mins 18 sec

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

Here is what CC (Custard Couple) wrote about this movie:
Stream 1
In this second of a series of humiliation messy movies Mrs CC has been bought some special SILunderwear (see this underwear wet in Download CC91 movie ‘Vintage Underwear in The Sea’) which is teamed up with a polka dot silk blouse, pale blue real silk stockings and a tight fitting leather skirt.
Mrs CC is eager to please and starts by thanking her secret admirer for purchasing the outfit.
She takes her time to show us all the outfit down by her Summer-house, but of course we all know what she is really being asked to do, don`t we?
To get her outfit all slopped, messed and destroyed for our enjoyment and as you shall see her own too.
She starts with some eclairs which are casually rubbed into her outfit followed by squirty cream with a lovely close up of Mrs CC`s pantie clad bum getting the creamy treatment.
Mrs CC talks to us all telling us about how it feels as she starts to get messy.
At the end of the first scene she gets down onto the grass and tells us all how she wants more, much more. She asks us to follow her as she crawls over like a cat to a white chair and large plasterers bath! Mrs CC shows us the mess she has waiting for her…
Cold custard, chicken soup, tomato soup, tomato sauce , angel delight, buckets of gravy and 6 litres of cooking oil.(Hidden from sight is the 2 gallon container of black treacle).
Adjusting her clothes, she sits down on the chair to await her demise.
Mr CC (The Master) has now returned from work and he is shocked that his pretty wife wants to ruin such expensive underwear!
But Mrs CC is insistent that he must help her to be trashed as this is how she really gets off in mess!! The first bottle of oil is poured over her hair and outfit and Mrs CC squirms in delight… - see CLIP 1
Asking how it feels she retorts ‘It’s Wet & Cold and Nice’….
Her blouse now sheer she asks for another bottle of oil to be applied.
The oil is emptied over her head drenching her hair as Mrs CC purrs and strokes herself in pleasure.

Stream 2
Mrs CC closes her eyes to succumb to the slippery mess and on opening them she is greeted by the sight of her Masters hard cock pointing in her face…. ‘What yougonna do now she asks knowingly?’ She gives the tip of his cock a lick knowing full well what she will get now!
Her Master wastes no time rubbing his cock and Mrs CC helps him by sucking, engulfing his member in her warm and wanting mouth.
The sight of her sheer clothes and eager mouth soon proves too much and Mrs CC`s mouth is filled to the brim with her Master`s cum!!
She shows us all his sperm and drips it down the front of her blouse….
The language between them is dirty and slutty as Mrs CC wants to follow this by some serious head dunking.
She starts with submerging her head fully into the bowl of tomato soup covering her face in the cold red thick soup. She does this 4 times!
We are all treated to a glorious close up of the action as she then reaches down and picks up the full bowl and pours it over herself!
Her face and clothes now covered she goes for a head dunk into the angel delight which she then empties over her head urged on by her Master.
Then its straight into the large container of gravy you can hear the gurgles and bubbles as she struggles for breath beneath the mess.
We now know this is a special movie as we get treated again and again to more head dunking and total destruction of her clothes and underwear.
Standing up Mrs CC takes time to parade in the garden in her now trashed outfit relishing the sight and feel of her clothes – see Clip 2
Talking quietly, so as not to disturb the neighbours, she tells us how she will now fill her panties withmess, so lifting the gravy bowl she pours it down into her sodden underwear.
With the excitement proving too much, Mrs CC pulls her panties to one side to take a short piss into the empty gravy bowl, promptly then dumping it over her head.
” Tastes So good” ….she splutters!
Slipping off her skirt it`s time for more head Dunking!
Straight into another large bucket of gravy swiftly followed by the cold chicken soup which again is poured over herself.
Standing up Mrs CC massage’s herself and rubs her clit quickly followed by a further 4 head dunks into the gravy.
These really are some special moments as we get to enjoy Mrs CC`s long flowing hair drenched and totally messed, obliterating her face.
The sheer enjoyment is clearly seen as the camera closes in to capture her words:
‘This makes me feel so fucking dirty it makes me wanna cum’.
Hitching her knickers up, she pours the remainder of the gravy over her head, back and bum! Quite glorious!!

Stream 3
Then Mrs. CC sits back down on the chair and receives a face full of her master’s piss.
Eagerly she opens her mouth and her master duly obliges!
He covers her face and blouse in the hot liquid ….!!
Does she want more mess? you bet she does…..!!
Tomato ketchup is now thrown and splattered at this hot lady – see Clip 3

Then, her face is transformed into a mask of custard!
Mrs CC empties a further bowl of custard as the waves of orgasm start to build inside her.
Ripping her blouse open she starts to finger herself, climbing into the makeshift bath to continue her pleasure pushing her panties to one side and rubbing herself to a shuddering orgasm.
‘Yes, I`m a dirty bitch’, Mrs C murmurs.
Then she dunks her head twice into the bath to complete her final pleasure ..or is it?
Sitting back down on the chair her Master throws her a pair of blue panties which she herself has helped him to cum in many times. She slips them over her head pulling them tight across her face.
‘So now for my final treat’ purrs Mrs CC .
Here it comes as thick black treacle is poured over her head creating a running river of sticky liquid obliterating Mrs CC `s face.
She removes her bra and the onslaught continues. The camera moves closer and we get a full close up of Mrs CC as a treacle blob and her sticky boobs!
‘This is what I call a real treat!’ she sighs.
This naughty lady finally satisfied walks back to the summer-house where it all started, showing us all her messy outfit.
The scene ends with this naughty couple bantering together as they recall the onslaught given to Mrs. CC for her depraved satisfaction.
But what`s this? Has this movie ended?
It has for us!
But maybe not for them as they both agree to slip away into the nearby Summer house for some more fun.
This movie has no full nudity in it, but the sexual tension as Mrs CC demands more and more mess is clearly seen!!
It’s a good job she has her Master to keep her in check and deliver her dark secret messy desires.
Look out for the next CC Humiliation Movie coming later this year only to www.wsmproductions
MOVIE XXX065 has 3 HD Streams running 37 mins 18 sec.

In addition IMAGE SET S407XXX has 155 shots.
These are well worth seeing but only about 24 shots may be considered XXX.
That is why we can safely show you 5 sample shots as well as 3 movie Clips.
But do note that there was no pussy penetration action and little nudity.
Having said that, you really would not wish to miss this fantastic extreme WAM messy couple sex play!
See if you like the look of XXX movie XXX065 as we show you 3 free Clips plus 5 sample shots from image set S407XXX

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