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WSM Productions is the most UNIQUE site.

It is the oldest continuous WAM business in the world and the first publisher of a WAM commercial video on 30th January 1989. Filming for this video had commenced 18th August 1985 in Somerset.

Commencing in 1982 under the name of ‘Wet Shots’, the business evolved into ‘WSM Productions’ in 1984 long before the term WAM entered the vocabulary.

The W stood for WET
And the M stood for MESSY or MUDDY
So put them together and it’s just a different early way of writing WAM.

We believe in a simple premise, unless it is erotic and has sex appeal then it is not worth publishing.
So the girls are not clothes hangers but sensuous ladies aware of their femininity and wanting to project it for the enjoyment of all.
The sets will start with the girls looking pristine and gradually progress to get thoroughly drenched, covered in mess but then it usually goes further.
The girls strip off, so there is nudity and then more water or mess.

Some sets are quite raunchy and this is reflected in the Images and Movies. So if you are easily offended by nudity, then beware as this site is not for you.
This is essentially a girls’ only site with the occasional male interloper.
But we do believe that WSM fun should be equally enjoyed by couples.

During 2011 we recruited an Amateur WAM couple who are contributing to the WSM website as CUSTARD COUPLE.
So far we have published 12 photosets and 7 movies of the best WAM couple in England.

Above all, it is 100% British with no filming outside the United Kingdom.


EACH WEEK we add an Update, either a NEW MOVIE or a NEW IMAGE set.
But in addition we also show a previously published Image/Movie set so both WET and MESSY fans get a regular weekly treat!

9 full films (known as Vintage Films) certified by the British Board of Classification, CLASSIC films, a must for every WAM fan, which you can purchase either as DVD or video in both PAL and NTSC formats OR Download (see below).
These Vintage Films can be purchased (by anyone) and are not available as part of the Membership.
But NOW we are adding DOWNLOADS of these Classic Vintage Films.
So for the first time you can have easy access to these Films.
These Vintage Films will be available to everyone through our ONLINE STORE.
To the end of June 2012 we have published 5 downloads from Film 1 The Hopeful Starlet, and 4 downloads to complete Film 2 The Great Outdoors.
Go to our ONLINE STORE to see full write-ups of each Download Stream plus a free Clip on each.
Each week we will add ONE NEW STREAM so that by April 2013 all the Vintage Films will be available as Downloads.

Our basic principle is FAIRNESS to our customers and we guard your PRIVACY.
We will NOT contact you (unless you contact us), or hold your records on a marketing file, or pass your details to anyone else. So your personal information remains totally PRIVATE.
We will therefore NOT send you any EMAILS!

We continue to add to our website each week but have NO intention of removing items and then charging you separately to access these Images and Movies on a pay per item download site.
How different is that from most other sites?
So each time you return, your old familiar and best loved sets will still be there both images and movies!

Our VINTAGE FILMS (9 of them) are different.
These are 60 minute full feature films certificated by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) that cost £75,000 in total.
We make a charge for each Download and very shortly we will be adding a new category of XXX images and movies. So keep checking our ONLINE STORE for what is offered.

1. For free IMAGES check-out our HISTORY page which goes back to 1978.
Otherwise our Images site shows you a content shot for each set and informs you how many Images there are in a set, but until you are a Member no images are clickable.
At 1st July 2012 there are 236 Image sets being:
         96 Wet sets
         94 Slapstick/Sloppy/Slime sets
         46 Messy/Muddy sets

2. For MOVIES this will take much longer, as each Movie has 15 second CLIPS for each Download. At the 1st July 2012 there are :
9 x 15 second Clips of Online Store Films 1 and 2 Streams
7 x 45 second Clips of Online Store Films 3 to 9 DVD’s
19 Messy Wrestling Clips of 15 seconds each (all 1 Clip per bout except MW 15 2 Clips)
124 WSM Movies 436 Clips at 15 seconds each
5 Custard Couple Movies with 11 Clips of 15 seconds each

Some prospective Members seem unsure of what they will receive as Members.
So this explains it.

At 1st July 2012 Members have full access to :
96 Wet sets of                            5,916 Images
94 Slapstick/Sloppy/Slime sets of 8,282 Images
46 Messy/Mud sets of                  3,796 Images

That makes 236 sets totaling 17,994 Images.

At 1st July 2012 there are 147 Download Movies for members which comprise:
122 WSM Movies plus
18 Messy Wrestling Movies
7 Custard Couple Movies
I calculate this gives Members 79 hours 00 mins of viewing!
Every Movie gives you a run time.
This means an AVERAGE MOVIE TIME of over 32 MINUTES per MOVIE!

For the number of Images and Movie Viewing time this is one of the cheapest WAM sites on the web.
£18 for 1 month or 22 euros or $29 USD
£36 for 3 months or 44 euros or $58 USD
£54 for 6 months or 66 euros or $87 USD

So it currently costs you
24p (or 39 USD cents) per Movie if you subscribe for 3 months! (And that ignores all the Images).
Quite UNBELIEVABLE! I must be mad!
Which is 79 hours 00 mins of WAM films plus 17,994 Images.

And growing every month with every Movie and Image previously unpublished.

As a grandfather of WAM I am pleased of what has been achieved, but much more remains to be added.

We continue to remain an independent WAM producer with no associated links to any other business.

Enjoy the website!

Mike Ellison          July 2012

Wet Image
seaside fun in silk pyjamas
Sept 2010

Slapstick Image
Michelle Monroe
Food 8
Sept 2011

Messy Image
mud puddle
Sept 2011

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