WSM Productions pays tribute to two wonderful characters who have left an everlasting impression on the WSM, or as they call it in the States, the WAM (wet and messy) community.

We salute ROB BLAINE of Austin, Texas who passed on 31st October 2000 at the lowly age of 43. I am of the opinion that Rob was the greatest WAM man of the 20th Century. Once he got started in 1991 his output was prodigious and spot on.

But do not take my word judge for yourself on Pleasingly the business he started is continuing so that future generations will know what he achieved.

Every person has their forte and Rob brought mud to an art form level. He was the first producer to realise the ginormous scope of the Internet and was always so full of technical advice."

We also salute SHAUN KENDALL who passed on 26th October 1997. He was 62 years of age. This is part of what I wrote about him: "Without Shaun Kendall there is no doubt that the WSM series of videos would have been appreciably different and probably poorer".

Shaun joined me at a very innovatory time when video was about to be unleashed onto the market. Our first filming was 18th August 1985 when Shaun had enough faith to believe that the crazy ideas I had, plus models who actually spoke, would produce a video style that many would subsequently wish to imitate and improve. In our fun videos we have covered drama, comedy, zany humour and latterly erotic, always with Shaun's astute guidance as, whenever in doubt, Shaun would invariably have the best suggestion.

As cameraman, editor, graphics and music compiler, the responsibility for the final product was with him - and he never failed. Sadly we made only 8 WSM videos together. I wanted to make more and knowing what I had in mind, Shaun was as enthusiastic as ever to continue. " So it is no surprise to you all that WSM 9 is dedicated to Shaun's memory.

Shaun also had worked with Bill Shipton of Splosh to create the Buff range of videos.

As Rob Blaine and Shaun Kendall were good friends you can bet they are together now getting the angels dirty!

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