Certificated by British Board of Film Classification on 24th August 2000.
This is not a series of WAM events but a full story about Shakina’s dreams.

STREAM 1    17 mins 15 secs
The movie flits between dreams and reality and opens with ‘Dream, Dream’ theme song.
MAJOR ASPECT – Wetlook: Shakina ends up in a cup with clever special effects as she is oil drenched in her white satin pyjamas. Fantastic music and psychedelic effects!

STREAM 2   16 mins 07 secs
MAJOR ASPECT – Wetlook: Bob and Shakina have lover’s fun in a small river, much to Shakina’s excitement, until reality kicks-in. The doctor believes she has a water fetish!

STREAM 3   18 mins 42 secs
MAJOR ASPECT – Ultimate Chocolate: Shakina in her white clothes finds herself in a large bath of dark chocolate. The lovers play in the chocolate and get totally covered - before Zap! It disappears!

STREAM 4   16 mins 57 secs
MAJOR ASPECT – Mud: Bob in his office suit and Shakina in her skirt suit end up on a muddy riverbank. They enjoy classic couple mud games! Bong! Just another dream!

STREAM 5   19 mins 32 secs
MAJOR ASPECT – Slapstick: Shakina takes her doctor’s advice to go on a romantic picnic to get Bob used to food and sex. And what a Slapstick picnic this is!
Fabulous sploshing fun between the sexy duo! Except this is no dream….it is reality!

STREAM 6   12 mins 05 secs
MAJOR ASPECT – Slapstick: Shakina sees a consultant about her dreams.
Professor Treacle believes a practical demonstration is the answer to the problem.
So we have a brilliant two couple Slapstick session – this is part one.

STREAM 7   15 mins 38 secs
MAJOR ASPECT – Slapstick: We have two couples at Slapstick play as the Prof demonstrates on his sexy Secretary Sue and Bob and Shakina imitate his actions.
When it ends Shakina states it was the most satisfying orgasm of her life!
We reveal how she follows that!

This is THE classic WAM movie (running 117 minutes).
Shot indoors and out in varying locations.
But running through everything is the clever, witty and interesting storyline devised by the masterful Bill Shipton.


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