Our first images were captured in 1978 and the business originated in 1982 trading as WET SHOTS. This business evolved to become WSM Productions in 1985. Dedicated to female beauty enhanced by water, slap-stick and mud/mess, WSM was the first to realise the symmetry between these elements so our images and videos feature.

Shower shots
Bath shots
Jacuzzi shots
Sea shots
River & canal shots
Pond & stream shots
Bucket, watering can, hosepipe shots
Garden sprinkler
Paddling pool - indoor & outdoor
Baby/massage oil in a tub or applied to the clothes/body
Swimming pool indoor & outdoor shots
Food fights,sploshings and caresses indoor & outdoor using Custard, syrup, rice pudding, beans, spaghetti, chocolate sauce, milk, cream, yogurt, jams, cooking oil, flavoured whipped deserts, treacle, ice cream, topping syrups, flour,cakes, gateau, black cherries, cornflour, chocolate bar
Seaside mud
River mud
Pond & stream mud
Shaving foam
Wallpaper paste
Chocolate sauce bath

In August 1985 we started filming the first video. We departed from the then normal action accompanied by music.
The girls talked. Yes, it was rather rough and ready but how else did our silent film stars and starlets get started?
So we gave it a go with some wild, zany ideas and produced very collectable films. We hope you can understand the accents as we derive from Liverpool and provide a somewhat alternate talent to our much loved Beatles. So we created glamour with a difference and has the industry ever been the same since?

What we do panders to the voyeur. All our videos are voyeuristic but latterly we have been exploring the relevance WSM should have in a boy/girl relationship.
To date we have produced 9 videos which have set the standards for others.

See Videos for descriptions and sample pics.

There is a large and growing library of images. Check these out under Images

as we will follow our WSM theme, which we all know is
Slapstick and Mud.
But some of you really in the know may term it,
ant Some More.
However you interpret it, you are definitely with the site that has set
orld Standards of Mess.

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