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This was the first Commercial WAM video for sale in the world!
Certificated by British Board of Film Classification on 30th January 1989

The 5th and final Download has two scenes:
Suzanne showering after her Custard Pie Demo class.
The dramatic finale, when all the frustrations of our Hopeful Starlet are unleashed by an unexpected marital encounter!

We open with Suzanne showering to wash away the custard and raspberry slosh.
Suzanne looks good in her wet undies but soon strips down to just her knickers giving ample time to view her ample boobs!
As she shampoos her hair she even speaks to the camera. (Suzanne shower 3 min 14 secs)

We see Margie’s husband awaiting her return.
He is only concerned about if she has any money and when his dinner will be ready.
The main feature of this sketch is the banter between the Prof and Margie.
Couple this with some robust slapstick action and WAM arrived to the world in a sensational way!

Commencing with mushroom soup – ‘I hate mushroom soup!’
Then spaghetti bolognaise – ‘I’m not eating that foreign muck!’
With Rice Pudding to finish – ‘your favourite’
Starting with the mushroom soup, as the Prof says ‘If you like it, you can have it!’
Of course Margie responds with ‘You wouldn’t dare!’
Then away we whirl in a slapstick encounter that has Margie enthusing ‘It’s my ultimate fantasy!’
And the sting in the tale at the end, as Margie sends out a special message to you all.
‘This is what I like – why didn’t you do this years ago?’

Wow! For a first attempt, what a fantastic Slapstick scene this is!
Great acting, amusing banter, choice ingredients and above all, enthralling erotic play with the foodstuffs, varying from tender caressing to vigorous action.
The world wanted this…….and here it is!

MAJOR ASPECT – Slapstick as The Hopeful Starlet gets all she was looking for, but not in a Movie part! 9 mins 11 secs
The script for this 1st movie was written by Mike Ellison and Professor Treacle.

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