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There are 4 OUTDOOR scenes:
1. Shot at the Farm in Somerset, we start with the MOULD commercial.
The wind does its best to destroy the dialogue, but somehow our advert host (hello again Professor Treacle) and Debbie cope.
Debbie is suitably outraged as the ‘mad’ Prof splatters her dress with mud, tears it off her then proceeds with his washing test.
Debbie continues her protestations until the end. Run time 1 minute 46 seconds.
2. A Bath in a Meadow
Carol and Debbie in their best clothes are out for a stroll at the Farm and try their best to convince us that it is a fantastic hot summer’s day.
As this was before global warming (shot 27th July 1986), without any sun, the reality was a rather chilly day!
Carol finds a bath full of water in a meadow. Debbie splashes her.
Then brave Carol gets in to cool off!
Carol’s red satin top and black satin skirt look good in the water. Add the wet stockings and it all looks great!
Carol splashes Debbie with gusto to get her own back for that very cold bath!
Then Carol is quite forceful in making sure Debbie gets a good cold bath!
Debbie’s filmy outfit clings to her outlining black undies, stockings and suspenders.
Some excellent splashy fun as the girls are thoroughly wetted, hair and all.
Eventually the two girls end up in the bath together.
After removing their wet clothes, the girls re-enter the bath for final topless dips!
Debbie’s ample boobs dominate the scene.
The farmer appears and the girls are chased away. Run time 7 mins 37 secs.
3. Continuing ‘Ye Monks of St. Custard’ we have Mary in a long sleeved white blouse and full red skirt led to the stocks. This scene runs 1 minute 23 seconds.
Black gunge is tipped on her head, then custard and cream thrown at her.
Mary stands up, turns round, lifts her skirt and presents her bum to the crowd, inviting them to ‘Sock it to Me!’ So pies and cream are splashed over her bum!
Turning back round, Mary rips open her blouse to expose her boobs saying ‘And again!’
Needless to say, her boobs are well splattered!
Finally, eggs are squashed on her head, followed by porridge, as Mary enjoys the mess!
4. NATURE TRAIL part 1 with a run time of 4 mins 20 secs
This follows a nature trail lesson with our naughty cheeky schoolgirls:
Carol alias Fanny Annie
Margie alias Shaggy Maggie
Debbie alias Titsy Mitzy
plus their long suffering teacher Miss Alltit, or should I say Miss Alty.
Dressed in their St. Trinians outfits, the girls behave as badly as you would expect.
Ending with the girls trying to cross a small river with silly histrionics before they return squabbling about whose idea it was!

MAJOR ASPECT – 2 girl ‘Bath in a Meadow’ running 7mins 37 secs

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