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There are 3 OUTDOOR scenes:
1. This is a spoof of the ice cream advert for ‘One Cornetto’.
Shot at Tenby sea front, we have Melanie doing her best to sing….with an extremely funny ending! Only 37 seconds but not to be missed!

2. Nature Trail part 2
We continue the naughty adventures of the cheeky schoolgirl trio at the Somerset farm:
Carol alias Fanny Annie
Margie alias Shaggy Maggie
Debbie alias Titsy Mitzy
plus their long suffering teacher Miss Alltit, (or should I say Miss Alty).
Miss is stuck in a muddy puddle.
Carol goes to the rescue. She falls over and gets very upset!
A general melee starts with plenty of splashing.
Miss is targeted by the girls and soon her ample boobs are on show.
Debbie falls in the muddy puddle, there is a general mud fight and much misbehaviour!
There is careful attention to the dialogue (daft as it is!)
Carol is pulled into the puddle next, then Margie with plenty of muddy splashes.
The girls’ white blouses and tunics start to get muddied.
Then there is mud throwing , silly schoolgirl antics and remarks.
Miss pulls Margie down. The girls go to daub Miss who pulls Carol down in a spectacular splat!
The girls attack each other, then uniforms are removed much to the disgust of Miss.
The girls show their boobs leading to Margie’s comment to Carol ‘Aahh two fried eggs!’
The girls lark about, showing their boobs to Miss and then removing their blouses.
The girls set about Miss. Stockings are ripped off before Carol takes a dramatic splash!
Margie is mud splashed while her stockings are torn off.
Debbie provokes them all by saying ‘You are not getting mine off!’
Carol is forced down into the mud puddle and her stockings removed.
Miss, lying on her back in the muddy puddle, receives a mud shampoo.
Mud is put down Margie’s knickers causing her to hop about.
Carol is pushed down onto her tummy and her hair and back are liberally daubed to her yells of ‘I’m going to tell my mum of you!’
Then Margie gets the mud treatment (and shows us a great cameltoe!) before kick splashing in frustration.
Debbie gets the mud treatment to her boobs and hair.
There is a general mucky melee with a very muddy Carol.
Finally, Miss is re-daubed with the mud, hair and all.
3 worn out schoolgirls put their ties on.
Miss asks ‘If they enjoyed their Nature Trail lesson to-day?’ before being heartily mud splashed by all 3 girls!
Running 10 minutes 10 seconds this was some feat to control 4 girls, get great dialogue and action and yet make it appear what it undoubtedly was….FUN!

3. The final ‘Ye Monks of St. Custard’ has Lorraine, dressed as a schoolgirl, led to the stocks and holding a cigarette.
The Monk tries to pour gunge over her head, but the jug is now empty!
As Lorraine puffs on her cigarette, she rips her blouse open to show her great tits.
She then stands up, turns around to show her knickered bum (with stockings and suspenders) all the time chortling at her good fortune as no gunge is thrown at her.
As she sits back down, with the Monk praying devoutedly, suddenly the gunge starts to pour down from the heavens! Running time 56 seconds.

MAJOR ASPECT – 4 girl muddy and wet ‘Nature Trail’ running 10 mins 10 secs

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