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WSM was now starting to bring WAM to the world and this Video was Certificated by the British Board of Film Classification on 22nd May 1990.

WSM enters a new dimension:
Talented script writer Bill Shipton joined Mike Ellison and Professor Treacle, to supply not only his ideas and writing, but on camera appearances, with many silly voices!
On our ‘home turf’ for the first time, we have 9 girls to do justice to this multi-scene production.
Add our introduction of jingles and a song and this looks a very polished product!
Others have since followed our TV idea, but we are proud of what we achieved, as this takes some beating!

We open with a copy of the BBFC black card which preceded all British movies.
Commencing with ‘Channel Bore’, the announcer is unceremoniously removed by 4 pretty girls to transform to ‘WSM TV’, as Carol says ‘This is what we want!’
We have our first graphics and music.
Then, Mary introduces David Blindem from the ‘World of Splat’.

We go to an outdoor mud wrestling contest shot 26th July 1986 at a farm in Somerset.
Dickhead Davis introduces and interviews the two contestants Debbie and Margie dressed in leggings and tops.
There is live sound and continual action.
Margie’s top is pulled off before the end of round 1.
Then Margie is interviewed.
Round 2 commences with Margie determined to remove Debbie’s top.
Leggings are pulled off.
The wrestling confirms the ‘World of Splat’ TV title as both girls end round 2 rather messy.
Debbie is then interviewed in her muddy and topless state.
The final round is a very muddy experience for both girls.
This is proper mud wrestling with every yell and every splat!
The very muddy winner is declared and then interviewed.
Finally, there are some consoling words for the gallant mud covered loser.

We return to the studio.
We have a very amusing, yet visually stimulating, encounter between the host David Blindem and secretary Debbie.
Then a custard pie appears and is put to very satisfying use!
See Debbie’s boobs at their very, very best!

MAJOR ASPECT – Mud Wrestling contest between Debbie and Margie running 8 mins 00 secs

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