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This Stream has 2 Fix-Its and only 1 jingle, but we do end with the WSM Fix It song and a fine array of 6 messy girls!

The first Fix It is to see the Final of the mud wrestling contest between Ravishing Ruth and Mad Margie which was filmed 26th July 1986 outdoors in Somerset on a sunny day.
Sadly this was also the final appearances of Ruth and Margie in the Vintage Films.
But a great farewell performance it is.
Ruth is dressed in a white sleeveless top, white tennis skirt, white knickers, plus trainers and white ankle socks.
Margie wore a yellow sleeveless top, a blue tennis skirt, yellow socks and trainers and pale green knickers.
1st round, Margie introduces the ‘dirty fighting’ slicking Ruth’s curly hair with the mud.
Professor Treacle, toffed up in a dickie bow and black jacket, interviews the finalists before, during and after the contest.
In round 2 both girls tops are quickly off and soon those boobies are muddy!
Margie gets a submission as she pushes Ruth’s head into the mud, while mud slicking her hair again!
In round 3, the girls’ skirts are pulled away, as the muddy knicker clad girls battle away.
We have a good sloshy, slurpy round with 2 mud coated girls before our winner is declared! Run time of 8 mins 58 secs.

Then a quick Fix It jingle before we return to Bill Shipton as Mr Fix It for the final request! This was shot at Aquantics 90 in Tenby, South Wales on 30th October 1990.
This comes from all 6 girls: Carol, Debbie, Mirrel, Melanie, Rachel and Lorraine.
They ask Bill to Fix It for the girls to ‘get their own back on the man who produced this video!’
A hapless Professor Treacle is brought to the set and is smothered in flour and mess before he crawls away. (Hee! Hee! The real producer escaped again!!)
The 6 girls engage in a very messy finale as the foodstuffs are lashed around, knickers are filled, boobs are daubed!
All the girls are stripped to their knickers and messed up in this food flinging finale!
Finally, lying on their tummies facing the camera, our 6 mucky misses wave goodbye as our Fix It song plays and the credits roll!
The messy finale lasts 3 mins 25 secs.

This is what I wrote about Vintage Film 4 many years ago:
“Mr. Splosh! (Bill Shipton) resplendent in gold suit, hams it up in a Jimmy Saville take-off, fixing it a dozen times. Seconded from the Ministry of Silly Voices, Bill gives a highly entertaining and amusing presentation of WSM wishes, lustily supported by a bevy of gorgeous WSM girls. Complete with musical jingles and closing song, this is slick, yet messy, entertainment and certainly fixed it for me!” (Mike Ellison - Producer)

MAJOR ASPECT – Outdoor Mud Wrestling Final running 8 mins 58 secs

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