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VINTAGE FILM 5 Another Fine Mess STREAM 1

Certificated by the British Board of Film Classification on 23rd July 1991, WSM had then produced 5 WAM videos while the world still slumbers unaware of the sexual attraction and fun of the Wet, Slapstick and Messy.

We start with Margie enjoying a shower, but dressed to thrill in a flimsy white sleeveless full skirted dress, with white suspenders, stockings and knickers plus red/white ankle strap heels. What is it about the power of white?
All is revealed here! Run-time 2 mins 12 secs.

Next, our host Louise L’Amour introduces the movie.
She is interrupted as Mirrel comes on to decorate the set.
Louise continues, describing what this movie contains.
Mirrel steps down the stepladder into a wallpaper paste bucket, then manages to sit in a bowl of paste!
Can anyone be so clumsy…….or is there a hidden agenda? Run-time 1 min 26 secs.

Then we have Lorraine, who is just mad about Mud!
This is a very unusual feature with Lorraine commencing half clean and half muddy!
There is a voiceover (but not performed by Lorraine) as she coats herself entirely.
‘Can’t resist plastering it all over me’ she says, and so she does! Run-time 2 mins 39 secs
Check out our Free Clip to see how muddy Lorraine gets!

We return to Louise with Mirrel still decorating the set.
In a very novel introduction, Mirrel takes over the hosting to introduce the next item of Titzi Mitzi and Shaggy Maggie in Black Cherries! Run-time 47 secs.

The major feature, running 8 mins 53 secs, has Debbie and Margie dressed in their schoolgirl outfits as they get into a bath containing black cherries.
These are tinned black cherries which make for a triple problem: They stain and ruin clothes, they are difficult to wash away (especially from hair), and if too many are eaten they cause bad stomach cramps (as Debbie found out!)
So you will not see black cherries used very often in messy sets!
The girls get in the bath and start smearing each other.
This is the messiest type of fun as their schooly outfits get totally trashed!
Faces and hairs get covered, knickers get slopped, skirts and blouses are removed.
The black cherries ‘squelches everywhere’ says Titzi (Debbie).
Those clean boobies are released then we do have ultimate slapstick with tit-for-tat (or should that be tit-for-tit) messy fun with the girls becoming messier and messier!
The sight of Debbie’s 38DD’s glistening with cherries is truly awesome!
The 2 girls continue to slop each other, then lie in the bottom of the bath for some intimate caresses!
Fantastic ultra messy shots as Titzi says ‘Cherry sauce is the Greatest!’

MAJOR ASPECT – Debbie & Margie in Black Cherries running 8 mins 53 secs

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