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VINTAGE FILM 5 Another Fine Mess STREAM 3

Three items in this Stream, 2 Wetlook and Mud Wrestling.

The Wetlook Fashion show continues.
Firstly, preparing to attend a fashionable Wedding.
Lorraine, in a black satin suit and white satin blouse.
Carol, in a neat primrose dress.
Rachel is sensational in a white silky dress with black motifs.
All 3 walk around the pool in shoulder deep water clutching their ‘Drencher’ designer handbags.
Carol exits the pool with super sheen glossy stockings, then Lorraine exits with black dress glossiness and a very see through white blouse! Finally, Rachel clambers out in her wet white satin.
Next, it is Nightwear.
Lorraine wears a saucy black nightie and briefs. Rachel is in a red mid-length nightdress.
Carol is far more daring in an all white shortie nightie, pantie & stocking set.
The girls sit on the poolside to show off their heels as they splash in the water.
Then it is into the pool with Rachel out first, showing a red, glossy knickered bum through the nightie. Carol exits next and her brief outfit leaves little to the imagination!
Finally, Lorraine exits in her clingy black nightie.
Then all 3 girls splash about in the pool – hairs are soaked and outfits removed.
Elegant Louise returns and prattles on about the Drencher Collection.
She is joined by Carol and Lorraine who pull her into the pool.
Louise’s dress is removed, then her bra. She exits the pool in her knickers and stockings and crawls away! Run-time 7 mins 12 secs

Louise’s cheeky young assistant Mirrel chuckles with delight and taunts Louise for being pulled into the pool and soaked.
So Louise retorts: ‘Oh yea! Well let’s see if you like it!’ (And you can see too on the Free Clip!)
She pours a bucket of water over Mirrel’s head and enjoys Mirrel’s discomfort.
But Mirrel, once again, realizes that she is in the limelight and plays to the camera.
Louise brushes her aside as she introduces the next item.          Run-time 38 secs

This is mud wrestling from the 1990 Aquantics convention.
The girls are fully clothed and get fabulously muddy before some stripping off.
The surprise is that Canadian professional mud wrestler Swamp Doggie referees what is jokey, knockabout fun! Definitely not to be taken too seriously!
For the record we have 3 bouts:
Debbie v Melanie
Lorraine v Carol
With a final of Lorraine v Melanie
Surprisingly, Carol argues with the referee before she pulls him in the mud pit!
Then the final result is disputed as Melanie’s boyfriend gets dragged into the pit as well.
A bit of light relief from some serious film making! Run-time 7 mins 34 secs

2 MAJOR ASPECTS – Wetlook Fashion show running 7 mins 12 secs plus Mud Wrestling knockabout fun running 7 mins 34 secs

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