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VINTAGE FILM 5 Another Fine Mess STREAM 4

The first scene opens with a painted, topless Mirrel, doing her best to hog the limelight as Louise introduces the next item. Run-time 32 secs

Next is ‘Mud Magic’ and I could just about recognize Margie, Suzanne and Debbie.
I know it is witches, but the scene is very dark and the use of coloured lights does not help! So, weird lighting, weird music and weird words plus some mist added…..make this a mysterious addition!
But who is mentioned in the dialogue! Me!!
Who produced and directed this? Me!!
The prosecution case rests me Lord! Run-time 5 mins 39 secs

In the final scene, Louise L’Amour returns stating ‘I thought these videos needed a little bit of class’ (i.e. herself!)……but I think she could be right!
Louise says goodnight but her Assistant Mirrel has other ideas as she paints Louise’s posh 3 piece outfit.
Mirrel is delighted to get her own back (for her earlier soaking) and ignores Louise’s yells and shouts.
Pulling Louise’s skirt up, Mirrel paints her bum (but Louise starts to enjoy it!)
Her stockings are painted, hair, then blouse and her jacket removed.
Mirrel is determined to fix her and removes a shoe, fills it with red paint and forces her foot back into the shoe while liberally smearing Louise’s white stockinged leg.
Mirrel is relentless in her paint attack with no subtlety or carefulness shown – the paint just gets whacked onto Louise!
We have a lovely bum painting shot of Louise as Mirrel asks her ‘Do you know what WSM stands for?’ You can find out the answer and see this delicious Free Clip if you Click the Download Link on this page.
Eventually, the end of the paint bucket is emptied over Louise’s bum.
Then, white poster paint is squirted over Louise’s bum and legs.
The elegant Louise has her bra pulled off, paint is squirted over her boobs and Louise massages it into her body and beautiful tits.
A standing Mirrel squirts green paint into Louise’s hair.
Louise hand daubs the paint over the nude Mirrel.
Then Louise’s panties are removed.
The girls play to the camera while smearing each other’s bodies.
A close-up of Louise’s nude pussy shows it being painted green.
The girls take a tube of paint each and squirt each other.
Boobs and pussies are re-coated then the paint is slicked over both girls, much to the prim and proper Louise’s delight.
Louise gives Mirrel a paint massage before straddling Mirrel saying ‘So much for sophisticated entertainment ha-ha!
And of course we finish with our punch-line as Louise points a finger at Mirrel saying ‘This is Another Fine Mess you’ve got me into!’ Run-time 6 mins 30 secs

And so WSM became of age with the first nude shots in WSM 5, the erotic one!

MAJOR ASPECT – Slapstick Paint set to running 6 mins 30 secs

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