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VINTAGE FILM 6 Mucky Kind of Magic STREAM 2

All this stream is dedicated to a Wetlook feast.

We start with ‘the Great Pervo’ demonstrating, with the help of his buxom assistant Titania, the Wetlook Illusion trick.
The mini dress on Titania becomes very wet and see through!
‘The Great Pervo’ has quickened up this trick to now run 44 tantalising seconds!

The main event is The Wet Beauty Contest.
Would you believe that this was shot 1st November 1990 in the swimming pool of the hotel in Tenby, South Wales that hosted the 2nd Aquantics Convention.
So we have a live audience of delegates who watch, comment and vote.
This is the wettest beauty contest yet and being shot outdoors gives far more freedom of movement. Wetlook fans will truly love this as all girls wear stockings and shoes.

1st contestant is Melanie in a red, form fitting dress with black lace sides.
She slips into the pool then exits at the steps to show her streaming stocking tops. Melanie removes her shoes and jumps into the pool.
She clambers out before going down the slide back into the pool, which she exits by pulling herself out.
2nd contestant Rachel is dressed in an orange figure hugging dress with a black net top.
She slides off the poolside into the pool and takes a swim.
Exiting at the steps with her dress pulled waist high, we have a great eyeful of wet knickers and stockings! Removing her shoes she jumps into the pool before going down the slide and getting her hair wet. As Rachel pulls herself from the pool, we get yet another delightful view of her bum and stockings! See our FREE CLIP!!
Debbie is the 3rd contestant in a red long sleeved top with black, shiny cling pants.
She slips into the pool, clambers out then jumps back.
Debbie dives under the water, wetting her hair and projecting her bum out of the water.
She pulls herself out of the pool, and goes down the slide and under the water.
She ends by heaving herself out and posing.
Lorraine is the 4th contestant and sparkles in a white satin long sleeved blouse with matching pants. She slips into the pool and her outfit becomes see through. Lorraine’s boobs look marvelous and her black knickers and stockings are very visible.
Taking her silver shoes off, Lorraine runs and jumps into the pool with a scream!
She exits wiggling her bum. Then some great wet shots as she climbs the steps of the slide. Splashing into the pool from the slide Lorraine gets her hair wet.
Exuberantly she jumps again into the pool before heaving herself out, pulling her top open to show her great boobs, then posing flirtaciously!
The 5th and final contestant is Carol in a silver long sleeved dress.
She sits on the side of the pool wetting her stockings before she slides in.
Carol immediately dives under the water to wet her hair.
Clambering out, she gives us some great bum shots. The dress has gone semi-transparent and her boobs are on show. She teases us with some rather raunchy bum shots, before leaping back into the pool.
Carol exits by the steps, showing nice wet boobies. She wiggles her way around the pool, posing provocatively and showing great wet stockings.
Then it is down the slide head first, exiting the pool with her boobs visible through the wet dress.

Wow! What a true wet beauty contest that was!
The winner is voted by the audience and she receives her tiara from Professor Treacle.
Who is it? View and see!

MAJOR ASPECT – 5 girls in outdoor Wet Beauty Contest Run Time 8 min 57 sec

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