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VINTAGE FILM 6 Mucky Kind of Magic STREAM 3

All this stream is dedicated to Slapstick and Mess (but no mud).

‘The Great Pervo’ continues, with the help of his buxom assistant Titania, as he performs the ‘Turning a Lady into a giant Gateau’ trick. See FREE CLIP with this stream.
Titania is subject to a messy splattering as the gateau is prepared, topped off with chocolate sauce and a spot of cream.
We all anticipate the trick, but it ends up with a surprise! Run-time 2 mins 06 secs.

Next we go to a cultural event in Bootle (near Liverpool) at Cairo Joe’s Fun Pub.
Situated very close to the docks, to-day it looks forlorn, abandoned and neglected.
So let us switch back to 26th September 1986 when Fun Pubs were all the fashion.
Unbeknown to us, this was billed as a ‘Revenge on the Staff’ night.
We start with WSM girls Carol and Debbie (with Professor Treacle hovering in the background). The compere asks the audience to decide which is the ‘most gorgeous’ girl.
As Carol is dressed in all white, in a basque, thong, stockings and shoes (whereas Debbie is in a green top and black cotton trousers), there was only going to be one winner!
So Carol wins and is presented with a very sloppy dessert prize.
Not to be left out, the Prof gropes Debbie with custardy hands, before dumping the remainder over her head.
The Prof is then sploshed by Debbie, as Carol’s sister appears centre-stage, only to be hauled down by Professor Treacle.
Soon all 3 girls are writhing in a sploshy mess.
Then the mayhem begins as the compere is hauled into the mess pit!
Members of the audience are propelled into the melee, clothes are messed, torn or removed.
Cameraman Shaun Kendall filmed on through gritted teeth!
Chaos and disorder followed.
The DJ gets pulled into the heaving mass as do the two barmaids, one ending topless!
Carol’s boobs are bared as Debbie rescues her from an assailant.
Finally, Debbie and Carol exit the stage still intact.
Running 6 mins 28 secs this features some of the most raucous scenes ever filmed under the guise of messy fun!

In an attempt to restore some calm, the final excerpt features a topless Titania painting herself with a paint brush.
And yes, her boobies get painted too! Run-time 1 min 11 secs

I did think that this Vintage Film 6 marked the sole appearance of Titania.
But no, as I see she did two photo shoots both with Debbie in December 1991, one wetlook, then a messy set with custard and rice.
For the record they are image sets W170 and S062.

MAJOR ASPECT – Messy and boisterous Fun Pub event Run Time 6 min 28 sec

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