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VINTAGE FILM 6 Mucky Kind of Magic STREAM 6

A single item in this Stream, but one of our best!
This has a very posh voiceover and two special songs!

‘The Spy that Gunged Me’ starts with our agent Jane Pond tied to the bed and at the mercy of her adversary.
We see how she (Carol) was captured, as she is drugged and her face falls in a custard and cream flan.
She comes to and is confronted by the black PVC clad villainess.
‘You have heard of Jaws, well I’m Jugs’ says the blonde captor.

The interrogation commences with Chinese cold water torture.
Ice cubes are put down the top of Jane Pond’s dress, then she is sprayed full length with an ice cold soda siphon.
Then yogurt is spread all over Jane Pond.
Custard is poured into her heels, then poured over her face and hair.
Next, her knickers are smeared with custard and custard put down her knicker front.
Take a look at the Free Clip to see beans being poured over Jane Pond’s head and front, before her dress is pulled down and rice pudding massaged into her breasts.
This is followed by tomato sauce over her boobs.
Chocolate sauce makes a dirty trail up her body, over her boobs ending over her face and hair.
With all this greasy mess, agent Jane squirms her hands free.
Then Jugs is trashed with the food while the 1st song ‘The Spy that Gunged Me’ commences (song runs 2-00 mins).
Soon Jug’s very fine jugs are exposed and treated to an initial rice pudding daubing.
Then Jugs is slopped all over by an exuberant Jane who ends in a congratulatory, but not unexpected manner!
Run-time 08 mins 10 secs.

From 08-11 to the end at 08-41 we have the title song ‘This was our Kind of Magic’, as the titles are run.
So this is a great Stream, with voiceover, double slapstick, plus two songs!

And the only unexplained ‘magic’?
Why is the lovely Jugs not featured in the credits??
Her name is Ace and she was just that!
You can see her again in WSM7 under the ‘Jello Pages’ sketch!

MAJOR ASPECT – The Spy who Gunged Me - Run Time 8 min 10 secs

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