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VINTAGE FILM 7 Wheel of Misfortune STREAM 1

Our own WSM gameshow complete with audience reaction!
We had to construct our biggest prop yet.
This first stream is devoted to Wetlook.

Starting with a very short song, the show is introduced by Virginia Haven (Lorraine).
‘This is the red hot game show.
The only show where you get the pies and the prize!
Prove that you are a red hot lady to win a great holiday’.
How is this done?
It all depends on how the audience vote.
This is measured by the WSM erotic thermometer!

We are introduced to the contestant, Sammi from Liverpool.
We have the first spin of the Wheel which ends on a ‘W’.
Sammi’s thin satin pants and top are soon soaked – see FREE Clip.
She removes her top to show her ample breasts.
Then Sammi writhes naked in the paddling pool with horny open legged wantonness, as the scene ends with a run-time of 2 mins 57 secs.

Next, we have a further Wetlook item as we see our fully clothed mystery girl getting wet in a Jacuzzi bath.
Dressed all in black with heels, stockings, suspenders, chiffon pleated skirt, cotton briefs, elasticated belt and long sleeved velour top, this is sultry wetlook.
This is a tasteful, simple idea shot in close-up as the identity of the mystery girl is not revealed until the end.
She wets the back of her hair, then strips to briefs, suspenders and stockings.
We see a fierce animal tattoo on her back.
But her front is a giveaway with those 38 DD’s as we all should recognize Debbie who certainly looked just great aged 25.
She gives us a withering wide eyed look as we see her face, wet hair and wicked tongue!
She submerges into the water before sitting upright to stare intently through those huge eyes! Run-time 3 mins 49 secs.

MAJOR ASPECT – Wet Mystery Girl - Run Time 3 min 49 secs

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